JoinSound - Sound & message when owner joins 2.3

Notify your players when the owner joins

  1. Zommer0532

    Want your players to be notified when the owner joins? Well now you can with JoinSound!!

    What is join sound?
    JoinSound is a very simple, lightweight plugin for your server that notifies players when the owner joins.

    Coding video!

    Server Using JoinSound:
    Go to this website to see server status and ip!

    JoinSound.Admin - Permission to reload config, set message ingame, set Top line, set bottom Line

    Setting sound in game can be buggy!
    Need to /reload for sound to change after setting.

    JsReload - Reloads Config
    JsSetMessage - Set Message From InGame
    JsSetTopLine - Set Top Line
    JsSetBottomLine - Set Bottom Line
    JsSetSound - Sets Join Sound
    JoinSound - Show all Commands

    Toggle the two Join Sound and Join Message with True/False
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