JoinTitles 1.1

Why settle for the rest? Yeah lets not get cheesy.

  1. joshyyf
    Adds titles and join messages to any 1.8 server!
    Uses resource:

    Planned to add:
    - ClearChat (Just an essential for most servers!)
    - MuteChat
    - Bungee Support.
    - More Listeners.
    - Configurable Join Sound. Rather than just the ORB.
    - Leave feedabck on what can be added in the comments! :)

    Configurable Join Messages.
    Configurable Titles on Join!
    Configurable Tab Title & SubTitle
    Plus includes multiple listeners. If you want to disable Falldamage, you can in the config!
    Code (Text):

    #Name: Name of the Plugin. No need to be changed unless you'd like to customize it.
    #Spacer: The spacer that seperates the messages on join.
    #header: is the header of the motd on join.
    #line1: is the first line
    #line8: the last line.
    #clear: should chat be cleared for the player who joins? True/False
    #enabled: is the plugin enabled? True/False
    #Titleson: 1.8 join titles.  True/False
    #Title: Join title. Text
    #Subtitle: the subtitle of the title on join.
    #TabsOn: do you want this plugin to control tab?  True/False
    #TabTitle: Title of the tab.
    #TabSubtitle: the footer of tab.
    #Sound. Plays the chosen sound, For the list of sounds you can select from go to remember to remove the #after adding it and keep quotations!!
    #Listeners: These are events that I've decided to add, not to sure why.
    #Header: header of the plugin, doesnt need changing.
    #fallDamage: should fall damage been disabled or not?  True/False
    #starve: should players be able to starve to death?  True/False
    #foodLoss: Should players lose food at all or not?  True/False
        name: "&7[&b&oTitles&7]"
        spacer: "&7-----------------------------------------------------"
        header: "&7---------------------&8[&f&lOP&6&lPrison!&8]&7--------------------"
        line1: "&7&lWelcome to OPPrison %name%!"
        line2: "&6What is OPPrison?"
        line3: "&6Prison is a gamemode which you're locked up!"
        line4: "&6You do the crime, you serve the time!"
        line5: "&6You've got to mine and sell what you obtain to "
        line6: "&6rankup through the ranks until you break free!"
        line7: "&6Use /help for more help, but take some advice from me."
        line8: "&6Don't drop the soap %name%&6! Current balance &a%amount%"
        clear: true
        enabled: true
        titlesOn: true
        title: "&6Welcome to &f&lOP&6&lPrison!"
        subtitle: "&6Need help %name%&6? Ask a staff member!"
        tabsOn: true
        tabTitle: "&f&lOP&6&lPrison!"
        tabSubtitle: "&a&! OPPrison - Bungee - Skywars!"
        header: "&7[&b&nListenerEvents&7]"
        fallDamage: true
        starve: true
        foodLoss: true
        suffocation: true
        fire: true
        lava: true
        poison: true
        pvp: true
        explosion: true
        projectile: true
        colourBeforeAmount: "&b"
        colourAmount: "&a"
        noPermissions: "&4Sorry but you've not got permissions to execute this command!"
        soundsEnabled: true
        enabled: true
        offlinePlayer: "&cUnable to complete command due to %name% being offline!"
    More being added!

Recent Updates

  1. Balance added + Java 1.7!

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    Version: 1.1
    1. joshyyf
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      Thank you so much homie!
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    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin. :)
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      Author's Response
      Thanks man! :)