Joker Cards 2021-02-06

This is Joker Card Plugin, bad performance, me bad programmer

  1. HazardnyHrac
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    (Uploaded bad file, wait for my working version without add-ons)
    This is my joker card plugin. Its really badly made, so if there is someone who is experienced in programming and can help with packages and source code improvements or tips and tricks about making it more efficient for RAM, then go on and maybe I will make it or make it on your own.

    !!!! This game is only for 3 players yet. !!!!!

    There is only one command:
    /mainmenu -> starts the menu for card making... It is also playable and not done yet, but you can end with few bugs. (Lost programming motivation.)

    Also adding my video, end is in slovak language for informational purpose.