JSON API 3.1.0

Create and send JSON messages easily.

  1. Update 3.1.0: Support for Minecraft 1.17, fail-soft

    New Javadoc URL: http://javadocs.voidev.info/docs/JsonApi-v3.1.0/index.html

    • Added support for Minecraft version 1.17
    • JsonApi will now fail silently for unsupported Minecraft versions and switch to a limited operating mode. In this mode, all messages sent are sent as console messages (using color codes).

    Compatibility Note:
    This version is backwards-compatible with 3.0.2, as defined...
  2. Update 3.0.2: Converting between color-coded and JSON messages

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  3. Update 3.0.1: Support vor MC 1.12-pre5

    New Javadoc URL: http://javadocs.coloredcarrot.com/docs/JsonApi-v3.0.1/


    • Added support for Minecraft 1.12-pre5
    • Added constructor JsonMsg(JsonMsg... extra)
    • Fixed a bug where invoking style(ChatColor.MAGIC) would change the italic status of the JsonMsg
    • Fixed the javadoc of JsonMsg#extra(List)
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  4. UPDATE 3.0.0: Major Update, Complete Code Rewrite, Refactoring Required

    This is a HUUGE update to JsonApi. It has been completely re-written and features tons of new features, ease-of-use and a better documentation.

    Attention developers: You will have to refactor your plugins depending on this API, however it is highly recommend to update as soon as possible as version 2.x will no longer be updated and therefore not support Minecraft 1.11 etc.

    To all server owners: From now on, you're going to have to install this API as a plugin. However, it is...
  5. Update 2.3

    • Added class JSONHoverAction.ShowItemStack written by LordBoos
  6. Update 2.2

    • Added compatibility for MC 1.9.x, 1.10
    • Fixed some bugs with the NMS setup code
  7. Critical Bugfix

    - fixed a critical bug
  8. No version dependency!

    - removed version dependency, now works with versions 1.8, 1.8.3, 1.8.8, 1.9

    Please follow the following steps:
    This API used to be version-dependent, but since v2.0, that's fixed.
    Compatible versions:
    - 1.8.x
    - 1.9.x

    You need to add the following code into your onEnable() method:
    Code (Text):
            NMSSetupResponse nmsSetupResponse = JSON.setup(this);

            if (nmsSetupResponse.isCompatible())