JSON Menu 1.01

Run customizable json menus!

  1. MissPotato
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    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Potato's JSON Menus

    Now in as many flavors as you desire! Potato Flavor is still the default.

    What can it do for you?
    Want a command that generates a menu? Check.
    Want menus to run when a player connects with a configurable delay? Check!
    Want to color text using hex? Check.
    Want to have text appear when you hover over something? Yup!
    Want to send translatable messages? You can!
    Want to display selectors, scoreboards, tags, entity names? Easy.
    Want to display an item on hover? Yeah, you can do that.
    Advance triggers to run scripts? Yep.
    Want to link your players to a website? Easy!
    Have unique permissions for each menu.
    Look, anything you can do with Raw JSON you can do it with this.
    Hypothetically, it should also work with PlaceholderAPI but I haven't tested this.

    What can't it do, realistically?
    Auto-refresh. I couldn't figure out how to do this without making chat essentially useless when opening the menu.
    Run commands the player doesn't have perms for. (This is good, and true for tellraw as well. Look into triggers if you still want this.)
    Dynamically create commands for each menu. (Use aliases for this.)

    Other information:
    As with most plugins, install it into your plugins folder, run once to generate files. Inside the newly generated folder you'll see a config and a folder. Folder has all the menu files. Config is for you to tell the plugin how many menus you want. 1 is default.

    /menu | potato.jsonmenu | potato.jsonmenu.menu#
    Without any arguments it attempts to run menu 1. With number argument it runs the associated menu. You need to give players potato.jsonmenu.menu# where # is the number of the menu you want them to run even the default menu.

    /jsonmenu | potato.jsonmenu.admin
    Use the /jsonmenu command, which is the admin command. This currently lets you reload and check version.


    Request a feature!
    Report a bug!

    I would like to thank _Donuts_ for making Visual Bukkit which allowed me to make this plugin. Seriously, a wonderful tool.

Recent Updates

  1. Major rework! v1.01