JSON Menu 1.04

Run customizable json menus!

  1. Hotfix for os specific nulls v1.04

    - onJoin was throwing nulls on specific OSs that handled file look-ups case sensitively.
  2. Small update v1.03

    - Properly supports PlaceholderAPI
    - Fixed null error for onjoin.
    - Add more debugs things.
  3. Hefty optimizations and edit command!

    • Implements edit command
    • Fixed admin command being silent on invalid args
    • Implements storing menus as arrays then loading those instead of doing unneeded IOs.
    • Added some fail safes for invalided menus.
    • Added more debugs
    • Fixed data.yml generating for no reason
  4. Major rework! v1.01

    • Added customizable amount of menus
    • Added debug mode
    • Moved menus to their own file!
    • Added update parser to prevent older version data lost.
    • Separated admin command and user command!
    • Fixed #1