JSONBooks 3.0.1

A plugin that adds a json book command with configuration

  1. GUIs!

    • This update adds GUIs to both "/jsonbook" and "/book."
    • /jsonbook
      • You still need to run the command with paste link, but the "preview" optional argument is no longer valid.
      • When you run the command a GUI will appear. The second line shows what items and the quantity of each item you need to pay. On the top line there is an info book, an option to preview the book, and a green button for purchasing a book. The cancel button closes the GUI.
    • /book
      • You no longer can specify the number of copies as an argument in the command.
      • When you run the command a GUI will open similar to the /jsonbook command's GUI, but without a preview button. With this GUI there are buttons to add and subtract the number of copies you want to purchase. These changes are reflected in the price on the second line.
    • Additionally, there is now another config option to choose whether you want stack traces in the console debug or not. Stack traces are off by default.
    • I hope you enjoy this update, if you find any bugs or have suggestions, let me know!
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