JSONBooks 3.0.1

A plugin that adds a json book command with configuration

  1. Add 1.15 Support

    • This update adds 1.15 support to JSONBooks.
      • If you experience any bugs in 1.15 or 1.16 please create an issue on the GitHub repository or post in the discussion section.
  2. GUIs!

    • This update adds GUIs to both "/jsonbook" and "/book."
    • /jsonbook
      • You still need to run the command with paste link, but the "preview" optional argument is no longer valid.
      • When you run the command a GUI will appear. The second line shows what items and the quantity of each item you need to pay. On the top line there is an info book, an option to preview the book, and a green button for purchasing a book. The cancel button closes the GUI.
    • /book
      • ...
  3. /book Command

    • /book command
      • Select a written book in your inventory and run the /book command followed by the number of copies you want to make.
      • If you are in survival mode, the appropriate payment amount will be taken.
      • The number of copies specified will be given to the player.
      • Note to server admins: I recommend deleting the config and having the plugin remake it.
      • More info to come later this week.
  4. Version Checking and Bug Fix

    • Version Checking
      • When a new update is released, server administrators and players will be notified of new updates for JSONBooks
    • Bug Fix
      • Fixed a bug where even when cmdAllowed was set to false it would still give them the book with command click events to them.
  5. Hastebin Support

    • Hastebin Support
      • Instead of using Pastebin.com, players can now use Hastebin.com to store their JSON data.
      • Either the regular link or the raw link will work.
  6. Bug Fixes

    • Bug fixes and general improvements
  7. Add preview mode, tab completion, and more!

    • Preview Mode
      • To see a preview of what your book will look like without paying for it, simply add the argument "preview" after the url.
    • Tab Completion
      • After typing the URL an option in the tab menu appears to add the preview argument.
      • In this update, the tab completion for the arguments no longer suggest using player names.
    • Automatic Pastebin URL
      • This feature lets the user copy the regular Pastebin URL without raw. The original...
  8. 1.16.2

    Add support for 1.16.2 (1.1 may still work though)
  9. Fix Maven Shade Plugin

    The previous version did not work at all because I messed up the Maven Shade Plugin, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. In addition to making the plugin work, I added the ability to specify two items that must be in the players inventory in order to pay (eg. price for a json book is 1 diamond and 1 book).