JsonPlayerList 1.0

Allows you to easily show your servers player list on your website.

  1. coolv1994
    This plugin will allow you to be able to add a player list to your website with Json formatted data.

    You can use this plugin per-server or have it set up on the proxy.
    Bukkit and BungeeCord supported.

    Normally you would query your server in order to get the player list.

    Instead, this plugin will post the player list to your website.

    This can be useful for scenarios when:
    • You also want to see a players display name or uuid.
    • You web host doesn't allow you to run queries.
    • You do not want to allow queries to your Minecraft server.

    With this plugin, your player list will be updated at set intervals so you can reduce potential lag.

    This plugin comes with a sample PHP script to demonstrate how it can be used.

    A web server that supports PHP.


    Web Side:

    1. Upload the php files to your web server.
    2. Create a file named PlayerList.json and a file named PlayerList.lastUpdate and put in the same folder as the php files.
    3. Give the 2 files you just created write permissions. Chmod 666
    4. Edit the update_player.php file and add your server IPs to the $allowedIPs array.
    Server Side:
    1. Copy the JsonPlayerList.jar the plugins folder of your proxy or for each server you want to monitor.
    2. Restart your server to generate the default config.
    3. Edit the config.yml and change the URL to the update_playerlist.php on your web server.
    4.Restart your server/proxy for config changes to take effect.
    1. Go to the view_playerlist.php on your website, you should see your server status and the players currently playing.
    2. Enjoy your new website player list.

    Code (Text):
                "name":"Server 1",
                        "name":"Player 1",
                        "displayName":"Player 1"
                "motd":"A test server."
                "name":"Server 2",
                        "name":"Player 2",
                        "displayName":"Player 2"
                        "name":"Player 3",
                        "displayName":"Player 3"
                "motd":"Another test server."

    Example Playerlist:

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