JSpy 1.1.0

The ultimate spying tool for server staff!

  1. xJeremyCx
    JSpy is a plugin that allows you to spy on almost everything that players do.

    It spies on players':
    • chat messages
    • commands
    • messages on signs
    • messages on books
    • renamed items
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    /jspy - Enable or disable JSpy

    jspy.spy - To use the /jspy command

    Code (Text):
      chat: true #Enable spy on chat
      command: true #Enable spy on commands
      sign: true #Enable spy on sign messages
      book: true #Enable spy on book messages
      anvil: true  #Enable spy on renamed items in anvils
      chat-alert: []  #A list of texts. Staff will be alerted  with sound if chat messages contain any message in this list.
      command-silence: [] #A list of texts. Commands will be hidden from staff if they start with any of the commands in this list. Useful for commands those contain sensitive information(e.g. passwords). (NOTE: Commands must start with /)
    Download this plugin and put in the plugins directory of your server. Load it and you are done.

    You are not allowed to redistribute the content of this plugin without my permission.
    This plugin is free of charge and will be free forever. If you like this plugin(or you have plenty of money), please consider donate!

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  1. Anime_Playz
    Version: 1.1.0
    Can confirm works flawlessly as intended even on 1.18.2!!! Shows how great a plugin can be years later although..Wish I could have the msgs be hex. If the dev ever comes back? Hasn't been seen in 2 years :(
  2. ColorsASD
    Version: 1.1.0
    It also works perfectly in 1.17.1, but the main problem is that it doesn't save. And it could be a great Admin plugin.
  3. JoseGamer628
    Version: 1.1.0
    Exelente Plugin Solo que Tambien Ve Los Comandos Que Ponemos Solucionenlo :V
    1. xJeremyCx
      Author's Response
      (I hope Google Translate is right)