JukeBox - Music Plugin 1.19.4

A plugin which allows you to propose note block songs/musics to your players. SQL integration!

  1. SkytAsul
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    French, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, German, Slovak, Spanish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Polish, Indonesian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Italian (config files)
    JukeBox offers you to work in music with only Minecraft opened!

    NoteBlockAPI is required!


    • All your songs are stored in a multiple-pages graphical interface, you just have to click on a song for listen it!
    • Many languages available : English, Swedish, German, French (français montrez-vous !), Chinese, and more! (full list at the top of the page)
    • Player-specific settings are saved into a data file to reload them when the server restarts! - those player datas can also be stored in a SQL database if configured so in config.yml!
    • You can enable a song player when you log in.
    • Download command: if you don't want to download a song on your computer, to transfer it in the folder... just write the URL and the command will make all the work!
    • You can enable a shuffle mode, all the songs are randomly selected (and not played several times).
    • You can pause/revive the current music.
    • Playlists/favorites songs system, middle-click on your favorite songs to add them to your playlist!
    • You can modify the volume of the music! (in a range of 0 - 100%)
    • Particles effect can be enabled, and is synchronized with music tempo! (demo available on my Discord server)
    • Server radio
    • Easy-to-use admin commands
    • Option to disable vanilla music as long as JukeBox music is being played!
    • Almost lag-free ; most of the stuff which can be done asynchronously... is done asynchronously!
    • Compatible with hex colors for > 1.16 servers by using the §#xxxxxx format in language file
    /music (alias: /jukebox): to open the JukeBox (radio item do the same)
    /adminmusic ... (alias: /amusic):
    reload: reload the configuration and songs
    player <player>: see to which song player is listening
    play <player> <id>: play a song to a player
    stop <player>: stop the currently listening song
    setItem: set the radio item
    download <url> <destinationFile>: download a song file from the internet and load it
    shuffle|particles| <player>: toggle player options
    volume <player> <value|-|+>: set/decrease/increase the volume
    random <player>: play a random song
    next <player>: skip the current song​
    music.command (given to players by default): gives access to the GUI
    music.command.admin (given to operators by default): gives access to /adminmusic
    (given to operators by default): changes item format​

    Placeholders: (only if PlaceholderAPI is enabled)
    %jukebox_active% (show formatted active song)
    %jukebox_active_title% (show title of active song)
    %jukebox_active_author% (show author of active song)
    %jukebox_active_description% (show description of active song)
    %jukebox_playlist% (show active playlist)
    %jukebox_playeroptions_X% (value of option X: volume, shuffle, join, particles, loop)​

    JukeBox transparent.png

    Code (YAML):

    # language - available by default : en, fr, de, se, cn, es, ja, sk, lt, hu, pl, id, ru, zh, ko, nl
    : en
    # force the music played on join (players can't disable it)
    : false
    # open the plugin GUI when a player click on a jukebox block with a disc
    : false
    # send plugin message when starting/stopping music...
    : true
    # load files asynchronously
    : false
    # list of worlds where music will be enabled (empty = all)
    : []
    # note particles
    : true
    # enable or not action bar messages instead of chat (not available on 1.8)
    : false
    # enable or not server radio
    : true
    # automatically play the radio when a player joins
    : false
    # reload the song the player was listening to before it left the server
    : true
    # periodically stops vanilla music - can cause a bit of lag
    : false
    # material of songs in the GUI. Examples: DIRT, GOLD_INGOT. Any invalid material will lead to random records.
    # name of songs items for everybody (variables: NAME, ID, AUTHOR)
    : "{NAME}"
    # name of songs items for players with music.adminItem (variables: NAME, ID, AUTHOR)
    : "{NAME}    | {ID}"
    # formatted songs name (variables: NAME, ID, AUTHOR)
    : "\"{NAME}\", {AUTHOR}"
    # are player datas kept in a file when they quit - always enabled if database enabled
    : true
    # database configuration
    : false
    : "localhost"
    : 3306
    : "jukebox"
    : "unknown"
    : "unknown"
    : false
    # player options gived to new players
    : 70
    : false
    : false
    : false
    : false

    CraftBukkit/Bukit are not supported. Spigot (or a fork, like Paper) must be used.


    • Put the jar file in the plugins directory and launch the server. Two new folders will be created : plugins/JukeBox (with config.yml), and plugins/JukeBox/songs inside the first one.
    • To add songs, download .nbs files from the Internet and copy them to the songs folder.
    Trick: You can get NBS songs from this list, this one, here or there.

    How to download songs: (by @MimiKyu)
    1. We will need the URL of the song but the URL has to be .nbs (no mp3 or midi) to achieve that, enter this link:https://opennbs.org/songs/ which will send you to this page that when you scroll down you will see songs (which are all .nbs) and you can even search for the song you are looking for (if it appears or not).
    Once you have seen the song you want, put your mouse pointer where it says download and right click and copy the address of the link and we will have the URL (Long)
    2.As you can see its URL is Long and it will not be able to fit in the game chat, so what you have to do is make the URL shorter, and for that, enter this link: https://xurl.es/ which is used to make the URL small. Once you have it, copy it and enter minecraft.
    3.Once inside the world, use the command that previously taught you (/adminmusic download <url> <destinationFile>). Where it says <url> Put your URL and then where it says <destinationFile> is for you to name it that you want to put to the song within the game. Once that you confirmed that it is already there, you just have to use the command /adminmusic reload and voila, put / music and they will see your music in the playlist, which will Enjoy.

    If what you want is to create your music or search for more places to have the possibility of finding the music you are looking for, then download the Note Block Studio. Once downloaded, go to your browser and I will show you the possible sites where you will be able to find the music you are looking for:
    1. https://www.midiworld.com/
    2. https://bitmidi.com/
    3. https://www.mididb.com/
    4. https://www.cprato.com/
    As you will see, those sounds are in .mid (Midi) format, don't worry, that's why I asked you to download Note Block Studio to transform those sounds .mid to minecraft .nbs. If you do not know how, just follow this tutorial:

    and since they are looking at the other David tutorials in case the Studio interests them. Once you have it in .nbs, go to this link again: https://opennbs.org/songs/ and click on the red button that says "Submit a song", once you have your song there in "My Songs" Repeat all the steps that I previously taught you and READY, enjoy it :D

    Test server coming soon...

    Have a good day

Recent Reviews

  1. zlAquiles_
    Version: 1.19.3

    Me encanta :) funciona perfecto en 1.16.1

  2. Giotto88
    Version: 1.19.3
    Actively supported plugin, with well done gui, fully functional on my spigot 1.16.2 server.
    Bug solved & support under 24h!
  3. ThatOverPowered
    Version: 1.19.3
    The plugin is awesone, really simple GUI and really simple to SetUp.
    I have a problem and the dev help me out really quick.
  4. OnwexryS
    Version: 1.19
    Yeah finally 1.16.2 update has come. Thanks SkytAsul, I love this plugin and I recommend
  5. IoMARKoI
    Version: 1.18.3
    Awesome Plugin, excellent GUI and I love the PlaceholderAPI support, but how do I set that anyone can hear it?
  6. Wezzley
    Version: 1.18.3
    Nice plugin!!

    Sometimes there is lag when playing the music. How can it be solved?
    1. SkytAsul
      Author's Response
      JukeBox cannot produce lag as the music is played asynchronously. If the music lag, it is because your whole server is lagging unfortunately, and it can't be fixed unless you upgrade your server to better specs :/
  7. TheGrandPotato
    Version: 1.18.2
    This is an awesome plugin, I love the GUI, but the world's system doesn't work :/
    1. SkytAsul
      Author's Response
      It can be complex to understand, open a conversation or come on my Discord server so I can explain you.
  8. KillrrKillrr
    Version: 1.18.1
    Discord support is informative and it's pretty easy to get a response. Looking forward to the update for 1.16 and hopefully seeing some new features I recommended in the Discord. :D
  9. Paidyy
    Version: 1.18.1
    This plugin is very good but enabled worlds just removes /music command, I think the best feature is download nbs songs in-game
  10. Starlord_
    Version: 1.17
    Great plugin, works perfectly. Just needs mulitiverse support to stop playing in certain worlds!
    1. SkytAsul
      Author's Response
      This is already possible! See "enabledWorlds" in config.yml.