JukeLooper 1.9

Loop Jukeboxes! Setup shuffeled playlists and change songs with a button! (JukeLoop Inspired)

  1. Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug were discs would dupe when a hopper is placed underneath.
  2. Improved Performance

    The main timer now runs asynchronously and when it returns true it runs the rest of the code synchronously.
  3. Partial Rewrite, Added Redstone Support

    This update rewrites many of the core functions of how the plugin works, such as removing the data file, now all jukeboxes that have valid storage over them will become JukeLoopers when the chunk they occupy is loaded, this update also adds much better redstone support and support for hoppers above and below the JukeLooper. Redstone support made permissions pointless so they were removed. JukeLoopers will automatically play when their chunk is loaded, they will stop when a chunk is unloaded...
  4. Bug Fixes

    Fixes a bug causing the plugin to error when shutting down the server.
  5. Added 1.16 Support

    Added 1.16 support, this adds Pigstep to the config file, you will need to reset your config file to get this change.

    I also fixed strand being repeated twice were one of them was meant to be ward in the config.

    This version also contains a massive rewrite of a lot of code to improve efficiency and to stop it reacting weird if the server TPS drops.
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  6. Added permissions

    Added permissions and fixed a few more bugs.
  7. Fix ConcurrentModificationException

    Small fix to console error when auto changing disc.
  8. Bug fix

    Quick bug to fix discs being deleted after a button press without a chest above.
  9. Fix NullPointerException

    Quick fix to a NullPointerException error.