JukeLooper 1.16.*

This plugin lets you put jukebox disks on a continuous loop.

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    • 1.16
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    An updated version of RandomUnknown's JukeLooper which is a
    plugin that allows you to put your jukebox disks on a continuous loop!

    It is very simple to setup, all you have to do is put a chest with all of the disks you
    want played on top of a jukebox and then insert one of them into the jukebox. If you want
    to be able to change the song manually, you can add a button to the side of the jukebox
    which will play a random disk from the chest every time that a player presses it!



    /jukelooper - Shows information about the plugin.
    /jukelooperreload - Reloads the config.yml file.

    jukelooper.use - Gives you access to use a JukeLooper jukebox.
    jukelooper.remove - Gives you access to remove a JukeLooper jukebox.
    jukelooper.reload - Gives you access to reload the config.yml file.


    If your plugin/commands won't load, just delete the JukeLooper folder in the plugin directory.
    It should solve the problem for now until I can figure out the permanent fix.

    Please report any bugs you discover!

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  1. Faceguy
    Version: 1.16
    Works great, lightweight, does exactly what you'd expect. The random disk options is pretty nice :D