Jump Pads 0.2 [BUKKIT & SPIGOT]

Jump Pads 100 % configurable : block , message , particle, sound ect...

  1. SkGeek
    ? What is Jump Pads ?

    Jump Pads is a fun plugin for create block then push player in air and at target direction !

    Features :

    • Activate World Configurable
    • Block Id Configurable
    • Jump Push Level Configurable
    • Activate Or No A Configurable Message
    • Particle Type & Number Configurable
    • Activate Or No A Configurable Sound !
    /pads , /pads setup (permission : pads.setup) : Activate Or No Sound & Message !
    jumpads.vip : On walk on a jump pads spawn the particle !
    Code (Text):
    # Config:
        JumpPadWorld: WORLD # Set the world where JumpPads is activate
        JumpPadMaterial: 19 # Set the id of Jump Pads , if is it a block you can of course set a pressure plate on the block !
        JumpPadBoost: 2 # Set the jump boost level of Jump Pads
        JumpPadMessage: &6&lWooooosh # Set the message if you activate message on walk on a Jump Pads
        JumpPadParticle: lava # Set the particle effect on walk on a Jump Pads
        JumpPadNumberParticle: 20 # Set the number of particle !
        JumpPadSound: tile.piston.in # Set the sound if you activate sound on walk on a Jump Pads

    Coming Soon :

    • Configurable Sound [DONE]
    • Vip Effect (firework or better particle!)
    • Permission For Use Jump Pads
    Ideas , Suggestion or Question ? Mp me !


    Plugin Review:

    French (by me)

    Install & Requirements:

    • Put Skript & skQuery in your folders plugins
    • Restart You Server
    • Put JumpPads.sk in skript/scripts
    • Type /sk reload all

Recent Updates

  1. Jump Pads v.0.2

Recent Reviews

  1. SK1L
    Version: 0.2 [BUKKIT & SPIGOT]
    No lo entiendo mucho como hago para saber cual es el bloque que tengo que poner para que salte?

    I do not understand much how I do to know which block I have to put in order to jump?