JumpAndRun Beta 1.1

Simple plugin to add Jump and Runs

  1. Saith
    Hi guys!
    I'm Saith and this is my very first Plugin!
    1. What does your plugin do?
      It is pretty simple: You can add Jump and Runs to your Server. But you can also edit the Jump and Runs to disable Hunger, Falldamage or you can add Rewards.
    2. How to create a JNR?
      This is pretty simple: /jnr create [name] to create a JNR. To create the starting point /jnr setspawn [name]. To create the end is a little bit trickier just select a region with we and type /jnr setend [name]. And then go to your lobby and do /jnr setlobby (General Lobby). After this you can add a reward with /jnr setreward [name] [amount].
    3. How to join a JNR?
      Just place a sign and wright in the first line [jnr] and in the second the name of the arena. Then just right click on the sign to go to the JNR.
    4. Commands?
      Just enter /jnr and you see all commands!
    5. Permissions?
      Just enter /jnr perm
    6. Do I need extra plugins?
      YES! You need WorldEdit, WorldGuard and Vault!
    7. To-do-List:
      *More Rewards ✓
      *More configurable Messages and config
      *And a Secret :)
      *Bug fixes
    Hope you will like my first plugin!If you have any Question feel free to leave a comment I will try to answer them as fast as I can. If there are bugs pls report them!

Recent Updates

  1. Huge UPDATE!!!!
  2. Permission jnr.admin works!

Recent Reviews

  1. MysiczHD
    Version: 1.1
    Cant make a Jump and Run because the plugin is not compatible with spigot 1.8
    Please update to 1.8