Jumps ∞ Infinity <<< Spigot 1.8.8 | Lobby Gamemode 1.0

Fun and configurable Lobby Gamemode

  1. Schwalboss
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This plugin is in an early development stage. If you encounter an issue, please contact me instead of leaving an review.
    I wont help anyone who posts his issues in the review section.
    This plugin is fun Minigame for your Lobby-Server.

    It is a infinite Jump and Run plugin. You can configure the complete Jump and Run!

    • /jump - no permission

    • config.yml
      • min-height - The minimal height the Jumps spawn
      • level-size - The amount of Jumps you need to reach the next level
      • enabled-worlds - You can only use Jumps in these worlds
    • messages.yml
      • You can change every message here
    • jumps.yml
      • You can add new Presets here
        • 0;-4;1 - This is the offset in relation to the current block
        • WOOL - This is the Material
        • :1 - The is the Itemdata. This is optional
        • ! - This will be the end of the Preset

    If you encounter ANY Issue please dont rate 1 Star, instead email me at
    [email protected] or add me on skype: divimoveskype

    This Plugin was created by MeLays. Do not decompile this Plugin or publish it as your own. All rights reserved.

    If you want to edit the Plugin or use my code you have to ask me before you do so!

Recent Reviews

  1. LeqendL3on
    Version: 1.0
    Cooles Plugin für die Lobby. Respekt :) Danke.
  2. DekoLP
    Version: 1.0
    Cooles Plugin benutze es sogar aber /jump wird überschrieben von einem Bungeecord Plugin. Kannst du bitte noch /jumps hinzufügen als command?

    1. Schwalboss
      Author's Response
      Ja, kann ich machen :)