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Best Free Clan Plugin outthere :D

  1. LoganBwDE
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    The Plugin:


    JustClan is a Plugin where you can create your own clan with your own tag. The tag colour depends on your KD (Kills / Deaths). With the /clan info Command you can see the clan-name, clan-tag, clan-owner, clan-member, clan-KD, clan-level and the clan-rank.

    Also there is a clanchat in your clan. To chat in clanchat, you must start with # (default, configurable) or you use /clan chat to enter the clanchat. Also configurable is the prefix and the clanchat prefix and all messages used for the plugin.

    Also there are lots of other functions like friendlyfire and so on ;D

    • German and english language
    • Configurable messages, prefix and chatprefix
    • BuiltIn-Chat
    • PermissionsEx Support
    • Vault Support (Needed for Money-Paysystem)
    • JobsReborn Support (Shows your Job in the chat)

    For normal users:

    /clan: Shows you all Commands
    /clan info: Information about your clan
    /clan create (Name) (Tag) : Creates a Clan
    /clan delete: Deletes your clan
    /clan leave: Leaves the clan
    /clan invite [revoke] <Player>: Invites a Player to your clan
    /clan accept <Clan>: Accepts a Clan-Invite
    /clan deny <Clan>: Denys a Clan-Invite
    /clan kick <Player>: Kicks a Player from your Clan
    /clan pay <Level>: Pays Level to your Clan
    /clan rankup: Rankup's your Clan with Level
    /clan home: Set's the Clan home
    /clan sethome: Teleports you to the Clan Home
    /clan top: Shows the Top 5 of Clans (Sorted by Clan Level)
    /clan chat: Enters | Leaves the clanchat
    #<Message>: Talk in Clan-Chat

    For Admins:

    /clan admin: Shows the admin menu
    /clan admin info <Clan>: Shows infomation about an clan
    /clan admin delete <Clan>: Deletes an clan
    /clan admin kick <Clan> <Player>: Kicks an Player out of an clan
    /clan admin pay <Clan> <Level>: Pays some level to an clan (No Level needed)
    /clan admin rankup <Clan>: Rankup's an clan (No Level needed)
    /clan admin list: Lists all clans
    /clreload: Reloads all Files from the plugin


    -clan.base : To use the Plugin
    -clan.info: /clan info
    -clan.create: /clan create
    -clan.delete: /clan delete
    -clan.leave: /clan leave
    -clan.invite: /clan invite
    -clan.accept: /clan accept
    -clan.deny: /clan deny
    -clan.kick: /clan kick
    -clan.pay: /clan pay
    -clan.rankup: /clan rankup
    -clan.home: /clan home
    -clan.sethome: /clan sethome
    -clan.top: /clan top
    -clan.chat: /clan chat

    -clan.reload: To reload the Config
    -clan.admin: To use the admin menu
    -clan.admin.info: /clan admin info
    -clan.admin.delete: /clan admin delete
    -clan.admin.kick: /clan admin kick
    -clan.admin.pay: /clan admin pay
    -clan.admin.rankup: /clan admin rankup
    -clan.admin.list: /clan admin list


    Simply put the Plugin into you Server and start / restart your server.



    • ClanWars (In Work)
    • ClanShop
    • ClanRanks
    Testserver: Coming Soon.

    Code (Text):

    #Prefix from the plugin
    prefix: '&6[&bClans&6]'

    #Chat Prefix shown in Clan-Chat
    prefixClan: '&6[&bClan-Chat&6]'

    #Type this before your message to chat in Clan-Chat
    chatprefix: '#'

    #Available Languages: en or de
    lang: 'en'

    #Can people damage other people wo are in the same clan?
    friendlyfire: false

    #Which paymentsystem? (money or item)
    paysystem: money

    #Should cost a clan creation sth?
    clanCreateCosts: true

    #If payment method is money then how much for create?
    clanCreateMoneyNeed: 1000

    #Item to Create (Must be in Your Hand at Creating)
    CreateItem: DIAMOND

    #Amount of Item
    CreateAmount: 3

    #Should cost sth to join?
    clanJoinCosts: true

    #If payment method is money then how much for joining?
    clanCreateMoneyNeed: 1000

    #Item to Join (Must be in Your Hand at Joining)
    JoinItem: DIAMOND

    #Amount of Item
    JoinAmount: 1

    #Do you want to use the builtInChat-System? Clan-Tags will not be shown if this is set to false.
    builtInChat: true

    #Available Chat Replacers, if you use Jobs: <job> Player's jobname

    #Available Chat Replacers, if you use PermissionsEx: <prefix> Player's prefix / <suffix> Player's suffix / <tag> Player's Clan Tag / <player> Name of the Player / <message> Message of the player

    #Available Chat Replacers, if you don't use PermissionsEx:  <tag> Player's Clan Tag / <player> Name of the Player / <message> Message of the player

    #Format if you have a clan
    chat_with_clan: '<job> <tag> <clan> <prefix> <player> <suffix> :&r <message>'

    #Format if you don't have a clan
    chat_no_clan: '<job> <prefix> <player> <suffix> :&r <message>'

    #Format for Clan Chat
    clanchat: '<job> <prefix> <player> >>&r <message>'

    #RankColours for each rank; Changes the colour of the tag of an clan
       Lvl0: '&f'
       Lvl1: '&e'
       Lvl2: '&d'
       Lvl3: '&c&o'
       Lvl4: '&b&l'
       Lvl5: '&a&l&o'
       Lvl6: '&4&l&o'
    #Level you need to pay to rankup your clan to the specified level
       Lvl1: '1000'
       Lvl2: '2000'
       Lvl3: '3000'
       Lvl4: '4000'
       Lvl5: '5000'
       Lvl6: '6000'
       Lvl6: '6000'

    If you find Bugs, please write me a pn.
    Please do not rate it worse if a bug appears.
    Just tell me and i will fix it as soon as possible.

    1 - You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
    2 - You may not modify the code
    3 - Im not obligated to do updates at a specific time, BUT that doesn't mean i wont do updates, just wait a little bit

    If you like this plugin, please leave a review so i know you like it :D

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