JustClan [1.7.x] | Support Dropped 1.9.6

Best Free Clan Plugin outthere :D

  1. Bug Fix

    Fixed ClanCreateCosts-Bug
  2. Little Update

    Added Clan Name in Chat :D
  3. Updates :D


    - /clan top
    - /clan home
    - /clan sethome
    - Payment Methods: Use "money" for money (Vault needed) or "item" for items

    Also Bug Fixes.

    Please remove config.yml, de.yml and en.yml because of updated files and remove your database ( justclan_clans and justclan_players) because of database update
  4. Bug Fixes

    - /clan chat bug not leaving
    - Chat appearance bug if JobsReborn is used / not used
    - Other small fixes
  5. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed Bug that on deleting the clan it will shown up null
    - Fixed Bug with /clan chat so you can leave it now with /clan chat
  6. Fixed Bug

    Fixed Bug with NullPointerException thrown at Chat

    I'm Back ;D

    Also worked now a little bit and updated it with these new content:
    • Now all commands has their own permissions like Clan.info for /clan info, but if you want to give users all permissions you might use Clan.Base
    • Fully MySQL: Now Clans.yml was removed and replaced trough MySQL
    • New Messages and changed messages: Please remove your old message files
    • Now in chat you can see, if you enabled BuiltInChat and have JobsReborn installed, your jobname
    • If...
  8. New Content!

    This Update Includes:

    - Option FriendlyFire in Config.yml
    - Option ClanCreateCosts in Config.yml with editable Item and Amount
    - Option ClanJoinCosts in Config.yml with editable Item and Amount
    -> Must hold the items at executing the command

    - now Clan Rank affects Clan Size
    - Clan Size is now shown after the Clan Members
    - Clan Level for the next Rank are shown atfer the clan level payd into the clan

    - New Messages (Delete the old files!)

    - Lot's of Bug Fixes