JustClan [1.8.x] - [1.12.x] | API | SOURCE-CODE 2.3.5

Best Free Clan Plugin outthere :D

  1. LoganBwDE
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Code (Text):
       prefix: '&6[&bClans&6]'  //Prefix for the normal Chat
       prefixClan: '&6[&bClan-Chat&6] ' //Prefix for the ClanChat
       chatprefix: '#' //Prefix to write in Clan Chat
       lang: 'en' //Available Languages: "en" and "de"
       scoreboard: false //Experimental. Bugs included ;)
       paysystem: ITEM //Which Paysystem: "MONEY" (Vault) or "Item"
       builtInChat: true //Use the BuiltinChat?
       shopname: '&cClanShop' //Name of the General Shop
       useTag: true //Should the players create a clan with a tag?
       tagSize: 5 //Max Length of the Tag
       nameSize: 10 //Max Length of the Name
       formatting: true //Use Chat Formatting -> German "รค" etc.
       pvpinclan: false //Can hit clan members each other?
       pointslose: -250 //Points Added / Removed at Losing a Wars
       pointswin: 250 //Points Added / Removed at Winning a Wars
       clanCreateCosts: true //Does Creating a Clan cost sth?
       clanCreateMoneyNeed: 1000 //Money for Creating -> Paysystem "MONEY"
       CreateItem: DIAMOND //Item for Creating -> Paysystem "ITEM"
       CreateAmount: 3 //Item Amount for Creating -> Paysystem "ITEM"
       clanJoinCosts: true //Does joining a clan cost sth?
       clanJoinMoneyNeed: 1000   //Money for Joining -> Paysystem "MONEY"
       JoinItem: DIAMOND  //Item for Joining -> Paysystem "ITEM"
       JoinAmount: 1 //Item Amount for Joining -> Paysystem "ITEM"
          use: true //Use the Chat if you have a clan
          range: global //Range: "global" or "local"
          rangedistance: 100 //Range in Blocks for "local"
          format: '<tag>&r <clan> <job> <prefix> <player> <suffix> :&r <message>'
          use: true //Use the Chat if you have no clan
          range: global //Range: "global" or "local"
          rangedistance: 100 //Range in Blocks for "local
          format: '<job> <prefix> <player> <suffix> :&r <message>'
          use: true //Use the Chat for clan chat
          range: global //Range: "global" or "local"
          rangedistance: 100 //Range in Blocks for "local
          format: '<job> <prefix> <player> >>&r <message>'
       Lvl0: '&f' //Colour for KD < 1
       Lvl1: '&e' //Colour for KD < 2
       Lvl2: '&d' //Colour for KD < 3
       Lvl3: '&c&o' //Colour for KD < 4
       Lvl4: '&b&l' //Colour for KD < 5
       Lvl5: '&a&l&o' //Colour for KD < 6
       Lvl6: '&4&l&o' //Colour for KD > 6

    RankLevel: //Points needed for the next Clan Level
       Lvl1: 1000
       Lvl2: 2000
       Lvl3: 3000
       Lvl4: 4000
       Lvl5: 5000
       Lvl6: 6000

    MemberAmount: //Max Member for the Clan Level
       Lvl0: 2 //Member Amount at Creating
       Lvl1: 4 //After First Rankup
       Lvl2: 7 //.....
       Lvl3: 9
       Lvl4: 11
       Lvl5: 13
       Lvl6: 15
          Color: '&2' //Color for this Rank
          Kills: 0 //Kills needed for this Rank to apply
          Points: 0 //Points needed for this Rank to apply
          Color: '&a'
          Kills: 100
          Points: 0
          Color: '&6'
          Kills: 1000
          Points: 2000
    This Plugin has an API for Developers. You can get it with:

    -> import me.loganbwde.util.Api

    No initialization needed!

    Then you can use the following functions:

    Api.createClan(String clanName,String clanOwner,String clanTag)

    -> Create a Clan

    Api.getClanName(String playerName)

    -> Get the Clan Name of an player (Can be null)

    Api.getClanTag(String playerName)

    -> Get the Clan Tag of an Clan by player (Can be null)

    Api.getClanOwner(String clanName)

    -> Get the Clan Owner from the Clan Name (Can be null)

    Api.getClanMembers(String clanName)

    -> Get all Clan Members as List from an Clan (Can be null)

    Api.checkHaveClan(String playerName)

    -> Check if a player has a clan (True or false)

    Chat Placeholder you can use in your Chat Plugins:
    • <clanname> for the Clan Name of the Player
    • <clantag> for the Clan Tag of the Player
    • {justclan_name} for the Clan Name
    • {justclan_tag} for the Clan Tag
    • Nothing
    • MrRapais : 3.00 Euro
    Thanks for all Donations <3

    If you like my work, you can donate me ;D


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Recent Reviews

  1. _MrCrafteru_
    Version: 2.3.5
    Hi, I like this plugin, but I beg you how to turn off mysql in the new version? I don't need mysql. Or please remove mysql in the new version of the plugin. please, I can't download this plugin because of mysql problems. Please remove mysql.
  2. iDavid86920
    Version: 2.3.4
    Dont works for me .-.
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Then tell me what is not working for you ^^

      Cant help you if you dont say anything about your error etc
  3. lapoxd2
    Version: 2.3.4
    Help Me Author please :( i have 1 problem is...
    [05:28:50 INFO]: [Clans] MySQL-Connection failed. Please check your Data and restart your server.
    [05:28:50 INFO]: [Clans] PLUGIN WILL BE DISABLED NOW.
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Please use the discussion section vor write me a pm if you need help.

      You must enter your MySQL Data into the MySQL.yml at plugins/JustClan/ and restart / reload the Server.
  4. Joeldesante
    Version: 2.3.4
    By far, the best plugin support I have ever seen. Even better than premium support. Though there are a few blips and bugs, the author will immediately remove them as he is notified of them.

    The only thing that I feel is missing are some in chat error messages that help new players figure out the commands if they mis type it. Also, when players are invited, can you make it so all they have to do is /clan accept - or at least add to the message something that explains how to accept.

    Otherwise, this plugin and it's creator are the best!

    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Will make some Syntax messages and will look over the /clan accept command. Also thanks for your review ^^
  5. BrunoDluka
    Version: 2.3.3
    Good plugin! I'm typing this to null but the skript/plugin is good! I no test but is good!
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your Review ^^
  6. Gordei
    Version: 2.3.0
    Great plugin! Would be very awesome if you'll add the open command with the higher rank of the clan. Let the clan reaches level 10 and all players of the clan have access added to the configuration rights for teams and clans will become more popular for players. I think it will add a very nice flavor to the server with your plugin.
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your Review. Can you explain it a little bit more? Just write me a pm ;D
  7. ProGums
    Version: 2.2.5
    Hey, please add variables to mvdwplaceholdersapi? thanks is good plugin......
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your Review :D Will add it soon
  8. _xXSchrandXx_
    Version: 2.2.0
    Nice and fast support, easy to use ingame and easy to setup on servers. Good for BungeeCord Networks.
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the Review :D
  9. MrRapais
    Version: 2.1.0
    Excellent. Active author to answer queries or solve problems, I decided that it is a good complement to my survival and that is why even if it is little you donate 3euros. Please continue with your work. If you find yourself busy do not forget that you have a real life.
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Thnaks for your Review and Your Donation <3
  10. ItsSniper
    Version: 2.0.2
    Good plugin, definitely recommend this one for servers who need a good and working clan plugin. Many features, and works amazing :)
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your Review ;)