Justleap 1.0

Yes it is just leap

  1. DonutVreterNL
    Always wondering how to have those leaping jumps in servers? Now you can have it your own!

    With Justleap you can have your own Leap toop, or give it to players!

    How does it work?

    Just type /JustLeap give and you will receive a Leap tool! Right click the tool and it will let you leap! And it has a cooldown timer!

    TIP: In the config there is an option to give it on join!

    • Just a running Spigot / Bukkit server :)
    How to install

    1.- Download JustLeap and put it on server plugins folder.
    2.- Start or reload your server!
    3.- Have Fun!

    • /JustLeap (Basic information)
    • /JustLeap Give (Give the gun to you)
    • /JustLeap Give <Player>
    • /JustLeap Reload
    • JustLeap.give
    • JustLeap.bypass
    • JustLeap.reload
    Code (Text):

    # +------------------------------------------------------+ #
    # |           JustLeap made by DonutVreterNL             | #
    # +------------------------------------------------------+ #
      Displayname: '&e* &b&lLeap wand &7(Right-Click) &e*'
      CooldownSeconds: 3
      Prefix: '&8[&eJustLeap&8]&f '
      Reloaded: '&aConfiguration Reloaded!'
      Cooldown: '&fYou can leap again in &a%s% &fseconds.'
      LetsFire: '&fYou can now use &aLeap.'
      Received: '&fYou have received a &aLeap tool!'
      Given: '&f%player% has received his &aLeap tool!'
      GiveOnJoin: 'true'

    Any Ideas?
    Have you a great idea for this plugin? Please let me know! I will try to add that feature as soon as possible.