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  1. LoganBwDE

    Welcome to my first plugin on spigotmc.org. FreeSign is a plugin, where you create a sign with a configuarable prefix, with the item id and amount. This means for a player, that he gets this Item for free. If you have done this, somethine like this appears.


    Now you click on that sign, and an inventory with the item and the amount opens. Now after you have taken the item(s) and closed the inventory, you must wait 5 seconds (Default) before you can get the item again.


    Just put the .jar file into your /plugins folder and restart / start your server.


    Nothing needed :D

    • Almost everything configuarable like prefix, messages, ... in config.yml
    • configuarable waittime
    • Signs.yml with all Signs you have created
    • fix enchantments
    • Other Item-Names for other languages
    • tell me what you want to see in the plugin
    • /ksreload : To reload the config
    • FreeSign.use : To use the sign
    • FreeSign.create:: To create the sign
    • FreeSign.reload: To reload the config
    Known Bugs:
    • Enchantments doesn't work
    • If you created a FreeSign you must reload / restart the server, otherwise they (new ones) won't work
    Hope you enjoy it :D

    If you like this plugin, please leave a review so i know you like it :D
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  1. Bug Fixes
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  3. Added Signs.yml

Recent Reviews

  1. Dimen7
    Version: 1.5
    Danke, dass du es endlich auf 1.8 geupdatet hast!:D
    Habe schon drauf gewartet. :)
    Eine Frage hätte ich da doch...
    Wie fügt man den Items Verzauberungen hinzu?

    LG Dimen7
    1. LoganBwDE
      Author's Response
      Danke für deine Review :D
      Verzauberungen kommen mit dem nächsten Update :D
  2. Gomze
    Version: 1.4
    Gut :)
    1. LoganBwDE