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Colored WebConsole for Minecraft (PHP) - nice, easy, useful

  1. jahangir13
    What it is:
    I've decided to clean up and release my PHP Web Console which replaces strings from the MC server log for nicer display on a auto-refresh web page.
    Maybe someone else finds it useful. Let your mods and admins see what happens on the server (display only).

    I wanted an simple solution which is easy to understand and to adapt as many other consoles available.

    The script contains examples and replaces already a lot but will not work out best for everyone. So this might need to be adapted a bit for other plugins/mods to work correctly or for individual preference.

    While monitoring the web console one recognizes what needs to be added or changed. Then take the examples as templates and add your own words.

    The console shows server log lines with a little bit of delay depending when tail 'extracts' new data from the server log (5s) and additionally when the page refreshs (5s). It's not intended for studying large error messages as per default only 40 lines are displayed. For that purpose better show the whole server log.

    This version is optimized for Spigot. Others might follow (Tekkit Lite/Cauldron). These have slightly different color codes.

    • Minecraft Server
    • Webserver with PHP support
    • Possibility to execute shell commands
    • (On Windows a tool which provides a tail -f like functionality. There is a link in the Tips section below)

    • Supports color codes (bash color codes / plugin color codes)
    • Lines matching a pattern can be deleted from showing /like '/mail send' or 'Unknown command...')
    • Section to modify/highlight specific commands
    • Section to modify/highlight whatever words (like WARNING / SEVERE)
    • Regexp Pattern to modify/highlight any command
    • Highlight login / logoff / op / deop lines (examples)
    • HTTP URLs are clickable in the web console
    • Auto-Refresh of page

    Installation instructions can be found in README.TXT and in the video.



    Shows what it does and how to install.

    Htaccess Authentication Generator:
    Htpasswd Passwort Generator:

    Tail command for windows (one of the programs in the package):

    Feedback or Questions are always welcome.

    Other Stuff by Me:
    GriefPrevention Addon with Dynmap Support (if available)
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    Version: 0.1
    nice, if it do a real time show will be better!