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Create commented yaml files, custom files, log files and much more, using this free API

  1. KarmaConfigs
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Bungee-Spigot compatible


    POV: You are a developer searching for easy ways to manage your files or an easy way to get NMS classes or who knows... a directly method to send a title to a player in a really easy way, this API allows you for that and much more!

    Last implemented feature:
    Temporal and persistent holograms with item support


    Code (Text):


    Add this to your pom.xml
    Code (Text):


    For extra help, read JavaDocs

    This api helps you to store inventories or items in a simple file, this using bukkit itemstack API ( itemstack serialization ). So it's completely compatible with bukkit.

    Code (Java):

    Inventory serialization

    InventorySerializer inventory = new InventorySerializer(plugin, player.getInventory());


    Inventory deserialization

    InventoryDeserializer deserializer = new InventoryDeserializer(plugin);

    Inventory stored = deserializer.getInventory("InventoryOne");


    Code (Java):
    ItemStack serialization

    ItemStackSerializer stacks = new ItemStackSerializer(plugin, ItemStack...);


    ItemStack deserialization

    ItemStackDeserializer deserializer = new ItemStackDeserializer(plugin);

    ItemStack[] contents = deserializer.getItems("StacksOne");
    contents = deserializer.getItems(player.getUniqueId());

    KarmaServer utilities allows you to get server version, build and more server information easily, it also allows you to check if the server is over or under an specified version in a really easy way!

    Code (Java):
    ServerVersion server = new ServerVersion(plugin);

    VersionUtils utils = server.utils();

    if (utils == null)

    String realVersion = utils.getRealVersion();
    /* Get the server real version, for example: 1.12.2 */

    String fullVersion = utils.getFullVersion();
    /* Get the server full version, for example git-Spigot-dcd1643-e60fc34 (MC: 1.12.2) */

    String package = utils.getPackageType();
    /* Get the server version build, for example: SNAPSHOT */

    float mainVersion = utils.getVersion();
    /* Get the server native version, for example 1.12 */

    int update = utils.getVersionUpdate();
    /* Get the server update version, for example 5 ( 1.16.5 ) */

    Version version = utils.getV();
    /* Returns the version as an enum type, for example v1_12_2 */

    boolean overOneNine = utils.isOver(Version.v1_9);
    /* Returns if the version is over the specified version */

    boolean underOneSevenThen = utils.isUnder(Version.v1_7_10);
    /* Returns if the version is under the specified version */

    Class<?> mcReflection = utils.getMinecraftClass("EntityPlayer");
    /* Returns a minecraft server class instance */

    Class<?> bukkitReflection = utils.getBukkitClass("CraftPlayer");
    /* Returns a craftbukkit class instance */

    Code (Java):
    //To create a temporal hologram ( it won't be stored anywhere )
    KarmaHologram tempHolo = KarmaHologram.createHologram(player.getLocation());
    tempHolo = KarmaHologram.createHologram(player.getLocation(), "Line 1", "&bLine 2");

    //It's equivalent to:
    tempHolo = new TempHologram(player.getLocation());
    tempHolo = new TempHologram(player.getLocation(), "Line 1", "&bLine 2");

    //To create a persistent hologram ( it will be stored so you can create a new KarmaHologram object with
    //the same name to load it )
    KarmaHologram persistent = KarmaHologram.createHologram(Main.getInstance(), "Hologram1");
    persistent = KarmaHologram.createHologram(Main.getInstance(), "Hologram1", player.getLocation());
    persistent = KarmaHologram.createHologram(Main.getInstance(), "Hologram1", player.getLocation(), "Line 1", "&bLine 2");

    //It's equivalent to:
    persistent = new PersistentHologram(Main.getInstance(), "Hologram1");
    persistent.add("Line 1");
    persistent.add("&bLine 2");

    //You can also add items to the holograms
    persistent.add(new ItemStack(Material.DIAMOND_SWORD, 1));

    //To update the hologram lines, use

    //You can toggle global visibility by using setVisible

    //Or you can hide this hologram for specified players
    persistent.hide(player1, player2, player3);
    //The same applies for showing
    persistent.show(player1, player2, player3);

    For this, the original .yml file must be inside your jar file, otherwise it won't work...

    Code (Java):
    Creating the commented file

    FileCopy configuration = new FileCopy(plugin, "config.yml");
    /* That config.yml file must be inside the jar file! */

    File configFile = new File(plugin.getDataFolder(), "config.yml");
    YamlConfiguration cfg = YamlConfiguration.loadConfiguration(configFile);

    try {
    } catch (Throwable anyException) {
        System.out.println("Couldn't create config.yml");

    Reloading a commented file

    YamlReloader reloader = new YamlReloader(plugin, configFile, "config.yml");

    try {
        if (reloader.reloadAndCopy()) {
    } catch (Throwable anyException) {
        System.out.println("Failed to reload configuration file");
    In bungeecord, is a bit different
    Code (Java):
    Creating the commented file

    FileCopy configuration = new FileCopy(plugin, "config.yml");
    FileCopy configuration = new FileCopy(MainClass.class, "config.yml");

    /* That config.yml file must be inside the jar file! */

    File configFile = new File(plugin.getDataFolder(), "config.yml");
    FileConfiguration cfg = YamlConfiguration.getProvider(YamlConfiguration.class).load(configFile);

    try {
    } catch (Throwable anyException) {
        System.out.println("Couldn't create config.yml");

    Reloading a commented file

    YamlReloader reloader = new YamlReloader(plugin, configFile, "config.yml");

    try {
        if (reloader.reloadAndCopy()) {
            System.out.println("Reloaded config file");
    } catch (Throwable anyException) {
        System.out.println("Failed to reload configuration file");

    With the KarmaAPI you can send titles, actionbars and boss bars in a really easy way!

    Code (Java):
    Sendint a title

    TitleMessage title = new TitleMessage(player, "&aThis is title", "&aThis is subtitle");
    title.send(int.class, int.class, int.class);

    Sending an actionbar

    BarMessage bar = new BarMessage(player, "Message #1");

    /* With bar.send(boolean.class) you can specify if the bar message is persistent or not, cancel the message with bar.stop() ( MUST BE THE SAME BarMessage INSTANCE ) */

    /* Send the bar 5 times every 2'5 seconds, creating a "temporally persistent" bar */

    /* Stop the bar message if persistent */

    bar.setMessage("Message #2");
    /* Change the bar message */

    if (!bar.isSent()) {
        System.out.println("Bar is not sent!");

    Sending a boss bar

    int showTime = 10;
    /* In seconds */

    BossMessage boss = new BossMessage(plugin, "&cThis is the boss bar message", showTime).color(BossColor.PURPLE).style(BossType.SOLID);
    /* color and style are optional, and won't work on legacy minecraft */

    /* Can be used on a collection of players */
    /* Or on a single player */

    System.out.println("Bars amount: " + boss.getBarsAmount());

    Bungeecord has native support for titles, but to be honnest, is a bit lazy to setup a title using its API...

    Code (Java):
    TitleMessage title = new TitleMessage(proxiedPlayer, "&aThis is the title", "&aThis is the subtitle");

    // or
    title.send(int.class, int.class, int.class);

    Some developers don't know that some sounds ( specefically from 1.13 ) are not the same. KarmaAPI helps you to make compatible these sounds, in a easy way

    Code (Java):
    SoundPlayer sound = new SoundPlayer(plugin, ml.karmaconfigs.api.bukkit.soundutil.Sound.<SOUND>);

    For usage, read javadocs, as this class has a lot of methods, I can't explain all


    We all know about bukkit schedule API, but KarmaAPI tries to improve this.

    Code (Java):
    SimpleTimer timer = new SourceSimpleTimer(plugin, 1 /* 1 second */, false /* restart timer when it ends */

    A bad thing about SourceSimpleTimer is that requires a lot of resouces when you want to use it only as "per second timer". If you want a "per second timer" you should user SourceSecondsTimer

    SimpleTimer timer = new SourceSecondsTimer(plugin, 1, false);

    As sound utilities, this class is a bit complex and big to explain in here, please take a look to java docs


    KarmaAPI helps you to send messages to the console in a easy way, as all in this API.

    Code (Java):
    Console method is an interface, so it can't be initialized, but can be called as Console#method or implemented in the class

    Console.setOkPrefix(plugin, "&aMyPlugin &7> &f");
    /* Set console message prefix when sending a message with OK level */

    Console.setInfoPrefix(plugin, "&7MyPlugin > &f");
    /* Set console message prefix when sending a message with INFO level */

    Console.setWarningPrefix(plugin, "&eMyPlugin > &f");
    /* Set console message prefix when sending a message with WARNING level */

    Console.setGravePrefix(plugin, "&cMyPlugin > &f");
    /* Set console message prefix when sending a message with GRAVE level */

    Console.send("&bThis is a message!");
    Console.send("&b{0} + {1} is {2}, operation by {3}", 2, 3, 5, "Math teacher");
    This method sends a message replacing the {<number>} with the replace object in the same order...

    {0} is being replaced with 2
    {1} is being replaced with 3
    {2} is being replaced with 5
    {3} is being replaced with "Math teacher"

    Console.send(plugin, "This message is a level message", Level.OK);
    /* This sends a message to the console, with the message level, so will use level prefix */

    Console.send(plugin, "{0} + {1} is not {2}, student is: {3}". Level.GRAVE, 2, 3, 1, "KarmaDev");
    This is the most complex method of the Console utility

    This message has a level, GRAVE level, so it will use GRAVE prefix. It also contains replaces...

    {0} is being replaced with 2
    {1} is being replaced with 3
    {2} is being replaced with 1
    {3} is being replaced with "KarmaDev"


    Other way to use this is...

    public final class ExtendedConsole implements Console {
        public static void close() {




    KarmaFile is the own API file format, it supports any value, and comments.

    Code (Java):
    KarmaFile kf = new KarmaFile(plugin, "myFile.file");
    /* File path: plugins/PluginName/myFile.file */

    KarmaFile kf = new KarmaFile(plugin, "myFile.file", "subFolderOne", "subFolderTwo");
    /* File path: plugins/PluginName/subFolderOne/subFolderTwo/myFile.file */

    File justANewFile = new File(FileUtilities.getServerFolder(), "test.test");
    KarmaFile kf = new KarmaFile(justANewFile);
    /* File path: <your server.jar folder location>/test.test */

    In the last method, I used a KarmaAPI-Common api method, to read more about KarmaAPI-Common, check the java docs ( https://karmaconfigs.ml/javadocs/karmaapi/ml/karmaconfigs/api/common/package-summary.html )

    If you want to know more about KarmaFile, take a look at
    ( Bukkit ) https://karmaconfigs.ml/javadocs/karmaapi/ml/karmaconfigs/api/bukkit/KarmaFile.html

    ( Bungee )

    ( No platform )
    This is an example of KarmaFile format
    Code (Text):
    Something: "Hello"
    SomethingAgain: 32

    This is a list in a

    It supports empty lines

    /// And this, is a comment in a -->
    // KarmaFile -->


    Some plugins need to create logs with info on them, like if something went wrong or usage statistics, that can help in a bug report.

    Code (Java):
    Logger logger = new Logger(plugin);

    logger.scheduleLog(Level.<Level>, "This is a log message");

    try {
        // Try to do something dangerous
    } catch (Throwable anyException) {
        logger.scheduleLog(Level.GRAVE, anyException);
        logger.scheduleLog(Level.INFO, "Something went wrong");
    If you need help go to our discord here or open an issue in github (We highly recommend to open a ticket in discord since we bring support faster)

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    comment yml
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    inventory to string
    item to string
    stack to string
    itemstack to string
    string from inventory
    string to inventory
    string to item
    string to stack
    string to itemstack
    get server version
    get bukkit server version
    get spigot server version
    get minecraft server version
    view server version
    view bukkit server version
    view spigot server version
    view minecraft server version
    retrieve server version
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    colored messages bukkit
    colored message spigot
    colored messages spigot
    custom file
    create custom file
    create custom file extension
    create file extension
    create extension
    edit custom file
    open custom file
    log exception
    log to file


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