KCaptcha - stop bot spamming! v1.5.1

A simple anti-spam for your server

  1. v1.5.1 - 2 fixes

    • Now the plugin registers the SQLite driver, something I forgot about last time
    • Title messages are now off by default, so MC 1.7 users don't have to disable it in order for the plugin to work
    • If you were using v1.5 and you've had the problem with SQLite database of the plugin - you may need to delete the database and let the plugin regenerate it
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  2. KCaptcha v1.5 is finally here!

    • The whole plugin has been rewritten
    • I've stopped using BarAPI and I've written my own - KBossBar
    • I've written my own TitleAPI - KTitle
    • Checked compatibility from 1.7.2 to 1.11.2
    • Added compatibility for modded servers (for Forge 1.7.10)
    • I've splitted config file into four files
    • I've changed data storage from YAML files to SQLite database
    • I've added tab completion for /kcaptcha command

    For users of v1.4.1 or older...
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  3. 'Alias and revalidation' update

    • Config version changed to 4
    • You can now force players to re-enter CAPTCHA to revalidate after certain amount of days from last validation
    • If you put a command in the config section cmdsBeforeCaptcha, aliases of these commands will also be 'enterable' before CAPTCHA verification (for example no only /login, but also /l)

    Huge thanks to @maxlehot1234 for finding bugs and great ideas :D
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  4. Big rewrite update!

    • Whole plugin was rewritten
    • Config file changed to version 3
    • Messages file was made one, not multiple (old messages files will convert automatically)
    • When new config/messages files will be created, old files will be saved to allow later moving old data to new files
    • Repaired bug with chat messages showing even if disabled
    • Simplified cmdsBeforeCaptcha (they're automatically converted to lower-case which is used by the plugin)
    • Many, many changes more (too long to write them all,...
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  5. Captcha generation bug repaired

    Captcha was generated from only 6 characters, now it uses whole alphabet and all numbers to generate captcha code :)
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  6. Update for su1414

    An update made especially for @su1414 because in his opinion config file wasn't described well enough...
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  7. Title update!

    • Added option to show CAPTCHA on titles/subtitles
    • Repaired a small BarAPI bug
    Had to (unfortunatelly) change the way config/messages works - your old config will be deleted and created once again, so if you want to save your old config/messages file - just make a copy of it, and (sorry for that) set config/messages once again :/

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