KeepChunks 1.4.3

Keep specified chunks loaded, even if you're not online!

  1. Warning

    Support for older versions of Minecraft may be dropped at ANY time, make sure you're running 1.12.2 or newer!

    Also, KeepChunks v1.4.3 runs fine on 1.13!
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  2. KeepChunks v1.4.3

    + Should technically run on Minecraft 1.13
    * Minor improvements
  3. KeepChunks v1.4.2

    * Fixed "/kc kr coords <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2>" being parsed as "/kc kr coords <x1> <z1> <z2> <x2>"
    * Now correctly recognizing BSD as an operating system
    * Some other improvements
  4. KeepChunks v1.4.1

    * Fixed the permission keepchunks.* for some permission plugins
    * Added a version string in the data.yml file for future purposes
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  5. KeepChunks v1.4.0

    * Rewrote the entire commands section of the plugin, to add:
    + A chunk info command, to check if either your current chunk or a specific chunk somewhere else is loaded by KC. Can also be used to retrieve chunk coordinates for WorldEdit selections
    + The ability to keep regions loaded without WorldEdit :D (also supporting command blocks and the console!)

    * New config options, including:
    + An option to hide your OS from the KeepChunks main command
    + An option to restrict the release all...
  6. KeepChunks v1.3.8

    * Rewrote some parts of the code
    - Dropped support for all versions BELOW 1.8.8
    (reverted in 1.4.0)
  7. KeepChunks v1.3.7

    * Minor bug fixes & improvements
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