KeepInv 2.1

Keeps Your Inventory Or Level When You Die With Permissions - Beta

  1. TrifleTower

    What Is KeepInv?
    KeepInv is a light weight and simple plugin that keeps the player(s) or group(s) inventory or exp level. The requires at least one permission plugin for it to work. All oped players on your server will automatically have these features as op includes all permissions the server has by default.

    What Does This Plugin Require?
    KeepInv requires at least one permission plugin so you are able to add the permissions for the features to work. (The permissions are listed below) As a bukkit developer I would recommend you to use GroupManager or Pex as i have used both of them and they are advanced and simple permission plugins to use.


    KeepInv.Keep Keeps Inventory
    KeepInv.ExpLevel Keeps Exp Level​
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