Binding commands to keyboard keys

    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Required Java Version: 8+


    Run command when you press a key

    Command key bind 1-9
    Key press cooldown
    Configurable messages
    Disable item swap
    Permission per key
    Disable key when player is flying
    Disable key when sneaking
    PlaceholderAPI support
    Vault support
    Exp level costs

    Use %kcbPlayer% placeholder to get the player name

    if you want a command to be executed in console put a -c- in front of the command.
    - '-c- your command here'

    Code (Text):

    #This will enable/disable debug messages
      "disableMessages": false,
      #This will enable/disable detecting key slots via item swap
      "swapModeEnabled": false,
      #This will enable/disable detecting key slots via key press
      "keyPressModeEnabled": false,
      #The keypress mode config
      "keyPressMode": {
        #Key/hotbar item slot number
        "key1": {
          #Enabled or disables slot detections
          "enabled": false,
          #disable item swapping on slot
          "disableSwap": false,
          #Enables key returning to a certain defined slot when pressed
          "returnKeyEnabled": false,
          #the return slot
          "returnKeySlot": 1,
          #only activate command when player is sneaking when enabled
          "sneakingOnly": false,
          #disables command activation when player is sneaking overrides the sneakonly feature
          "disableOnSneak": false,
          #only activate command when player is flying when enabled
          "disableOnFly": false,
          #checks player for permission before activating the command when enabled
          "usePermission": false,
          #the permission to check for
          "permission": "kcb.key1",
          #enables/disables no permission message
          "noPermissionMessageEnabled": false,
          #the no permission message
          "noPermissionMessage": "Key is still in cooldown",
          #the interval a player can activate commands in milliseconds set to 0 to disable
          "cooldownMilliSeconds": 500,
          #enables/disables cooldown message
          "cooldownMessageEnabled": false,
          #the cooldown messaged
          "cooldownMessage": "Key is still in cooldown",
          #enable/disable charging player vanilla exp level cost for command activation
          "enabledExpCost": false,
          #the exp level cost
          "expCost": 1,
          #enable/disable insufficient exp message
          "insufficientExpMessageEnabled": false,
          #the insufficient exp message
          "insufficientExpMessage": "Insufficient exp to run command",
          #enable/disable charging player economy/money cost via vault plugin for command activation
          "moneyCostEnabled": false,
          #the economy/money cost
          "moneyCost": 1,
          #enable/disable insufficient money message
          "insufficientMoneyMessageEnabled": false,
          #the insufficient money message
          "insufficientMoneyMessage": "Insufficient exp to run command",
          #the commands to be run separate them with commas and enclose in parenthesis
          #to run the command in consol put a -c- in front of the command
          "commands": [
            "-c- say %kcbPlayer% executed a console command"

    How to install?
    Just drag and drop the plugin to your plugin folder and restart the server
    Configure the config to need.

    For bug reports and suggestions please post it in the discussion page
    I might miss your reports in the ratings section. ;)
    Or send me a message here in my spigot account

    Want to help me get motivated? buy me a pizza or coffee [​IMG]

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Recent Reviews

  1. _qlolp_
    Version: 3.6.2
    I just want to know how to set the key is F
    I thing here only missing a education , other is good
  2. Vyretion
    Version: 3.6.2
    I got this "Error occurred while enabling KeyCommandBind v3.6 (Is it up to date?)"
    1. RAZERMC
      Author's Response
      please post the error on the discussions page or drop me a dm
      with all this world problems do not expect frequent updates thanks for the support
  3. mmihail
    Version: 3.6.2
    Would be awesome if someone can fork a feature with TAB key binding <3 :)
    1. RAZERMC
      Author's Response
      nope tab key is client bound
  4. diegoshadow
    Version: 3.6.2
    Simply perfect plugin!
    I managed to put the commands the way I wanted on my RPG server, status menus and improvements fit perfectly in these shortcuts, thank you!
    1. RAZERMC
      Author's Response
      Well I am a frustrated RPG lover so yeah I programmed this plugin for RPG servers or combat servers where any command skills can be activated by button. have fun and feel free to post any improvements you would like added and I will do it to the best of my skills and ability. (That is if I have time) Oh I entertain also plugin requests.
  5. EIIEP
    Version: 3.6.2
    This is a great plug-in. Can I upload it to mcbbs? I'll write down the original author and the original post address.
  6. momoservertw
    Version: 3.1
    Thank you for continuing to update this excellent plugin.
    I have been using it since version 1.12.2!

    p.s. Your donate link seems to be broken.
    1. RAZERMC
      Author's Response
      nah dont worry about it just tell me if I can improve the plugin on the discussion section or suggest a feature thanks
  7. HazySkies
    Version: 2.12b
    It's is good for what it does, but is also lacking a little in that certain requirements can't be set for each bind, like sneaking.

    Also I couldn't use any keys at all or change slots initially when it started because all the default commands are enabled by default (I was stuck on the first slot) and had to reconfigure first to play.

    Please also add an option where item swap doesn't happen if the command is triggered, that way if a player wants to swap items normally with F they can, but Shift+F runs the command and doesn't swap the item.
    1. RAZERMC
      Author's Response
      The key functions are enabled by default to show that the plugin is working. the plugin already implements enabling and disabling the shift mode. to disable the returning of keys set "return" in config to false. if you want a custom feature added ask nicely in the discussion page or pm me directly reviews are for already existing features and how it functions based on its declared functionality not because the plugin is missing a feature you want in your server. if you want a fully customized plugin that fits every need of your server then hire me. This plugin is free i give anyone the rights to decompile and modify its contents. Just take note that I cannot be held responsible for any damage the modified version may cause you.
  8. tonil00
    Version: 2.12b
    I have just one problem with this plugin. When I set - check player if sneaking: true. It is working BUT, it still returns the keys even when players do not sneak. Can you fix it please? Thank you man.
    1. RAZERMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. You can set "return" to false in config. Please put your issues in the discussion section have fun with the plugin :)
  9. Alter-Ego
    Version: 2.0 updated file
    Excellent author, excellent plugin! Updates are super fast and author considers suggestions and gets ontop of bugs and issues in no time! A+++
  10. ryota5620
    Version: 1.1
    This plugin so wonderful!
    It should be more spread!

    Even if it is premium, I will purchase :)
    1. RAZERMC
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. No i will not make this plugin premium this is my contribution to the spigot community you can enjoy it for free