Keycard and Keypad Plugin 2.1.0

secure your server with a keycard reader of different levels

  1. moneyghostYT
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Is the classic button too unsafe?
    Use a keycard reader and place it in a wall to secure a door or redstone mechanism.


    There are 5 different levels of security and each keycard reader can be changed to make it private, view the log of who used it etc.

    ===> Discord <===


    • keycard help = send the list of commands
    • keycard info = send plugin info
    • keycard list = send a list of keycard readers
    • keycard give <Items> = give plugins items and blocks
    • keycard customgive <name> = gives a keycard reader called <name>
    For <Items> is the name of the item you want, such as a Keycard Level 1.
    It is recommended to use the tab to choose the item you want.

    If you want to add a use limit for keycards, enter the number of uses after the keycard name. Example: "/keycard give keycardlevel1 10"

    To use a KeyPad type the command "/keycard give keypad" and place it on a wall. At this point enter the code and then use the same code to open the door or to activate a mechanism.
    To change the code, Shift + Right Click on the KeyPad and click on "code".

    To modify or remove a keycard reader shift right click on it
    settings keycard reader.png

    crafting keycard.png

    - Config Guide -
    config keycard.PNG

    ╠ keycard.command.give = Allows to give all the plugin items
    -- ╠ keycard.command.give.keypad = Allows to give keypad
    -- ╠ keycard.command.give.keycard.<level> = Allows to give keycard level <level>
    -- ╠ keycard.command.give.keycardreader.<name> = Allows to give keycard reader level <name>
    -- ╚ keycard.command.give.keycardreader.<level> = Allows to give keycard reader level <level>
    ╠ keycard.command.customgive = Allows to give all the custom plugin items

    -- ╚ keycard.command.customgive.keycard = Allows to give all custom keycards
    ╠ * = Allows to use the help command
    ╠ keycard.command.list = Allows to use the list command
    ╠ keycard.command.reload = Allows to use the reload command
    ╠ keycard.command.remove = Allows to use the remove command
    ╠ keycard.command.fix = Allows to use the fix command
    ╠ * = Allows to use the info command
    ╠ * = Allows to place all the blocks of the plugin
    -- ╠ * = Allows to place keypad
    -- ╠ *<level> = Allows to place the level <level> keycard reader
    -- ╚ *<name> = Allows to place the keycard reader named <name>
    ╠ *keycard.use = Allows to use all the blocks of the plugin
    -- ╠ *keycard.use.keypad = Allows to use keypad
    -- ╠ *keycard.use.keycardreader.<level> = Allows to use the level <level> keycard reader
    -- ╚ *keycard.use.keycardreader.<name> = Allows to use the keycard reader named <name>
    ╠ *keycard.modify = Allows to modify all the blocks of the plugin
    -- ╠ *keycard.modify.keypad = Allows to modify keypad
    -- ╠ *keycard.modify.keycardreader.<level> = Allows to modify the level <level> keycard reader
    -- ╚ *keycard.modify.keycardreader.<name> = Allows to modify the keycard reader named <name>
    ╚ keycard.forcemodify = Allows you to modify any block of the plugin even if you are not the owner and the reader is not public
    -- ╠ keycard.forcemodify.keypad = Allows you to modify keypad even if you are not the owner
    -- ╠ keycard.forcemodify.keycardreader.<level> = Allows you to modify the level <level> keycard reader even if you are not the owner and the reader is not public
    -- ╚ keycard.forcemodify.keycardreader.<name> = Allows you to modify the level <name> keycard reader even if you are not the owner and the reader is not public

    * = Permission default

    If you like the plugin leave a review to support it.

    if you find bugs and problems please comment and explain your problem. *

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Recent Reviews

  1. VanuaShainla
    Version: 2.1.0
    А как войти в дискорд сервер но так как не смог напишу здесь почему бы не сделать функцию авто удаления кодовых замков если ими долго не пользовались!
  2. sadasdasda412332
    Version: 1.6.0
    plugin works pretty well after being updated and author's very fast response doesn't let me down i feel this plugin will be useful for all servers.
  3. sadasdasda412332
    Version: 1.5.4
    Plugins have supports spigot versions 1.14.4? .
    1. moneyghostYT
      Author's Response
      no but in the next update yes
  4. Stefmavz20
    Version: 1.5.4
    Hello the plugin works well but for some reason the heads are normal player heads and not the keycard readers
  5. Redflame1022
    Version: 1.5.4
    This plugin is close to perfect. Sadly the custom keycard feature does not work, and I have not heard back from the author about the bug. Otherwise close to a perfect plugin.
    1. moneyghostYT
      Author's Response
      Hello Redflame1022,
      when you try to use a custom keycard do you get errors in the console?
      The command to give yourself the custom keycards is this "/ keycard customgive keycard"
  6. Mikkel33345
    Version: 1.5.4
    This is a super nice plugin, offers a lot of features! :D I haven't yet to find a single bug.
  7. alexandanthony
    Version: 1.5
    Fantastic plugin, customizability allows for a huge variety of uses. Definitely recommend
  8. gaytis
    Version: 1.5
    You can forget about my previous review. Now, in my opinion, this plugin is perfect.

    Do NOT hesitate.
  9. Fargus
    Version: 1.4
    I really like the plugin. It is very useful and the developer is so kind and helped me as soos as possible
  10. Teslabelloh
    Version: 1.3
    good plugin, but can you add lore config in lang?
    PS: i found a bug: if you rename a paper with the same name of the card, work...