KickToHub 1.0

Kick all players to hub on server restart

  1. Xavlios
    This plugin if setup will kick all players to a desired ip when a command is run!

    - /shutdown = Kicks all players to set ip and closes the server.
    - /alltolobby = Kicks all players to set ip but server stays on.
    - /KTHReload = Reloads the updates the config file

    - shutdown needs perm --> hubkick.shutdown
    - alltolobby needs perm --> hubkick.kickall
    - KTHReload needs perm --> hubkick.reload

    To use this plugin to the most helpful is to have a startup script. So when the server stops it starts back up. This way you can have console use the /shutdown command to restart your server and move all players to the hub!

    Please report any issues to