Kill Rewards 2.0.1

Receive money from getting kills!

  1. TechyGaming
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    Complete Rewrite: This plugin has been completely rewritten. I will not be providing any support or assistance to users with versions 1.x. If you would like support, please upgrade to version 2.x.

    KillRewards is a plugin designed for KitPVP servers to give players money on every kill! It is very customizable and has configuration options that will stop the plugin from breaking your servers economy!
    Considering that this plugin is free to use, if you think that it has helped your server in any way, please consider leaving a review! Thank you <3

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    Message me through Spigot if you are using this plugin on your server and I will add your IP here.
    • 2 plugin modes:
      • Random:
        • Generates a random amount of money between 0/1 and the max value. The configuration options are: maximum payment, and allow zero.
      • Static:
        • Gives the player the same amount of money for every kill. This amount can be set in the configuration file.
    • Custom reward message.
    • Reload command prevents you from having to restart your server.
    • Null check allows you to /kill a player without your console log being spammed.
    • Update checker automatically checks for updates to get new features and improvements as quickly as possible.
    • Bug tested.

    • Vault
    • Economy management plugin (e.g. Essentials)
    • Java 8
    /killrewards - Displays information about the plugin.
    /killrewards reload - Reloads the configuration file.

    killrewards.admin - Use /killrewards

    To Install KillRewards:

    Place the .jar file into your /plugins/ directory, completely stop your server, start the server again, enter the /plugins/KillRewards/ directory and edit the config.yml file as necessary, then run the /kr reload command.

    This plugin uses bStats to track how many servers are using the plugin at any one time. These stats are completely anonymous and untraceable as well as having near to no affect on the servers performance. It would be much appreciated if you could leave these analytics on as it helps me to improve my plugins, however the choice is entirely yours. If you would like to opt out, follow the installation guide above as normal, then once the server has started again, go to your server file manager, head into the /plugins/bStats directory, open the config.yml and set enabled to false.

    Code (YAML):
    # -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    # KillRewards by TechyGaming
    # File | config.yml
    # -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    # Plugin Mode
    # 1 - Random amount of money generated. Max is set with "max-bound"
    # 2 - Will give a static amount of money. This is set with "static-amount"
    : 1

    # Message sent to player when they get a kill.
    # Placeholders:
    # %amount% - Reward amount
    # %player% - Name of killed player.
    : '&7You have received &c$%amount% &7for killing &c%player%&7.'

    # Random money generator settings
    # These settings are ignored if "plugin-mode" is set to 2
    : 30
    : false

    # Static amount to give to the player
    # This setting is ignored if "plugin-mode" is set to 1
    : 15
    # Do not change these values.
    : '2.0'
    : '2.0'

    Please do not use the reviews section for bug reports, If you would like to submit a bug report, please message me directly through Spigot. Thanks!​

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