Kill Streak Particles [1.8 - 1.10] 1.0.2

Ever wanted cool looking auras play around you when you get a get a certain amount of killstreaks

  1. Dragon0617_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    If you have been playing Brawl KitPVP for a long time, then you would know what this is. This is a feature that you can add when pvping others.
    This plugin is completely configurable. You can set the amount of kill streaks it takes just to get the aura.

    Facts About The Plugin

    Code (Text):
    #This here is where you place on how much of a killstreak they need to play the effects.
    KillStreakParticle1: 1
    KillStreakParticle2: 2
    KillStreakParticle3: 3
    KillStreakParticle4: 4
    KillStreakParticle5: 5
    KillStreakParticle6: 6
    KillStreakParticle7: 7
    KillStreakParticle8: 8
    KillStreakParticle9: 9
    KillStreakParticle10: 10
    KillStreakParticle11: 11
    KillStreakParticle12: 12

    #This here is what effect you want displayed when they get a certain amount of KillStreaks
    KillStreakParticleEffect1: "FLAME"
    KillStreakParticleEffect2: "PORTAL"
    KillStreakParticleEffect3: "CRIT"
    KillStreakParticleEffect4: "HEART"
    KillStreakParticleEffect5: "NOTE"
    KillStreakParticleEffect6: "FLYING_GLYPH"
    KillStreakParticleEffect7: "HAPPY_VILLAGER"
    KillStreakParticleEffect8: "LAVA_POP"
    KillStreakParticleEffect9: "FIREWORKS_SPARK"
    KillStreakParticleEffect10: "FLAME"
    KillStreakParticleEffect11: "MAGIC_CRIT"
    KillStreakParticleEffect12: "CLOUD"


    Coming soon!

    This does in fact come with 10 particles, if you want me to add more options to the config then let me know.

    If any errors occurred then let me know through PM.
    Please leave me a good rating if you like it :)
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    Version: 1.0.2
    Es justo que lo necesitaba, lo encontre!!
    Lo usare para mi server de skywars 1.8