KillCash 1.4

KillCash gives the killer an amount of money when they kill someone and takes cash from th killed

  1. glorantq
    === KillCash ===
    KillCash is a simple plugin that gives money to the killer and takes money from the killed player

    ==== Permissions ====
    Players don't need any permissions.
    /killcash - killcash.killcash
    /killcash <killer | killed> - killcash.admin
    /killcash reload - killcash.reload
    /killcash settings - killcash.settings

    ==== How to Use ====
    Check Plugin Status
    - Type: /killcash and verify the info!

    Get the current Settings
    - Type: /killcash settings and check your settings

    Get the plugin Help
    - Type: /killcash help and learn!

    Reload the Plugin
    - Type: /killcash reload and wait!

    Change settings in-game
    - To cahnge the killer reward: /killcash killer <$>
    - To change the killed penalty: /killcash killed <$>

    ==== Dependencies ====
    Vault - This plugin requires Vault to work correctly with your Economy plugin