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    KillEco is a highly configurable Money-Per-Kill plugin! You can specify if a player gets money for Monster/Animal/Player kills and also set the amount of money for each of these kills individually. You can also send them an optional message saying how much money they earned for killing what Animal/Monster/Player - the message is configurable in the config file with "&"-Color-Codes and with a few variables! For more information check out the config page! This plugin depends on VAULT!

    The default messages look like this:


    You can edit them in the config file!


    • Enable or disable wether or not a player gets money for a Player/Monster/Animal kill individually!
    • Set how much money a player gets for a specific kill!
    • Send the players an optional (Kill specific (Monster/Animal/Player)) message definable in the config with color codes and variables!
    • Hooks into Vault and uses any economy plugin supported by Vault.

    This plugin will not work correctly without Vault! Make sure you have it installed!


    KillEco.get - Receive a set amount of money for a certain kill! - Default: OP


    All config values are explained in detail in the config.yml itself.


    There are currently no bugs to my knowledge! Please open a ticket if you find any!

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