Killer Bunnies 1.0.0

Swarm your world with killer bunnies!

  1. triarry
    Triarry, Mammothskier
    This plugin unleashes killer bunnies onto the world! They can be spawned in with plugins like MyCommand, and have a configurable chance to spawn. I have been looking everywhere for this plugin, and since it doesn't seem to be coming around, I made it myself for my server. Now, you too can have lots of crazy bunnies running everywhere!

    Note: Not extensively tested. They have no way to die off other than players killing them or other plugins, so please bear this in mind before complaining about it. This plugin was built off a plugin known as Giants by Mammothskier, and the Giants died during the daytime for that plugin. I have not coded such a feature here.

    Current Features
    • Unleash Killer Bunnies onto the world!
    • Spawn a bunny at your location (/bunnies spawn bunny), or at a certain location (/bunnies spawn bunny x y z)
    • Permissions for the commands.
    • Add Metrics and AutoUpdate
    • Remove redundancies that were formed by the nature of my fork. For example, "/bunnies spawn bunny" should just be "/bunnies spawn"
    Special Thanks
    Special thanks to Mammothskier for providing the original code I forked on GitHub.

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