KillerCash 1.0

Providing reimbursement (rewards) for killing entities!

  1. Kassestral
    Welcome to KillerCash!

    What's this plugin do?:
    KillerCash provides reimbursement (rewards) by adding virtual cash to their economy account when killing entities such as mobs & players!


    • Fully customisable configuration control

    Upcoming Features:
    • Change reward amount via command
    • Check reward amount via command
    • Permissions for new commands

    How to install?:
    Simply drag the plugin into your server then reload/restart the server

    We currently use plugin metrics!:
    If you wish to opt-out please go to the plugin metrics config file and change opt-out to true

    Questions, concerns, ideas or bugs?
    Let us know! Create a ticket with the built in ticket system located to the right of the page..