KillerMoney 4.3.2

When a player kill an entity, this plugins let you charge/give money or even give any item or run a

  1. 1.13 fixes

    • (Fixed) Message on player death
    • (Fixed) Config version
    • (Fixed) Magma cube and vindicator

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  2. 1.13 Support

    - 1.13 support

    Sorry for the late, I am super busy!
  3. Custom exp drops, minor new features and bug fixes

    • (Added) "DISABLED" option for Message-method in config
    • (Added) Custom-exp-drop in entities config
    • (Added) Player config file for future updates
    • (Added) /km enable-messages command
    • (Changed) New admin main command: /kmadmin or /kma, and command for players: /km
    • (Changed) Few string id in lang config (sorry)
    • (Changed) Hopper cannot pick up money item now
    • (Fixed) Division-method in player cash transfer section
    Thank you for the bug...
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  4. Money item bugfix

    • (Fixed) When killer left the server and any other player want pick up money item then the server drop null pointer exception
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  5. Bug fixes

    • (Fixed) Config loading when the server is not spigot-based
    • (Fixed) Player could change money item name
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  6. 1.12 support and bug fixes

    Sorry for the late release. Unfortunatly, I haven't enough time nowadays, but I develop KillerMoney, just be patient! :)

    • (Added) Minecraft 1.12 support (Added parrot and ACTION_BAR compatibility)
    • (Added) "Anyone-can-pick-it-up" option for money item drop in config
    • (Added) Built-in versioning system for better plugin update
    • (Added) Minimal API (WIP)
    • (Modified) Changed values in default config: "Disable-spawner-egg-farming: false" and "Allowed-gamemodes:...
  7. Update checker fix

    • (Fixed) Update checker
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  8. Run-method fix

    • (Fixed) Random-method in Command and Item section in entities.yml
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  9. Completely rewrote, action bar support and more

    Before you install this version remove your current /plugins/KillerMoney directory (make backup if you need restore). This is important step, because I changed the config files' structure.

    I completely rewrote this plugin. This is a beta build, so maybe there are some bugs. If you find bug, please report it on github issue tracker.

    - (Added) Action bar message method
    - (Added) Money reward, item drop...
  10. Daily limit

    • Removed unused "Global-money-multiplier" option from config
    • Added daily killing limit to mobs. When limit reached, then player will not earn reward. It will be reset every 24 hours or server restart.
      You can set it in mobs.yml in the following format:

      Code (Text):
            Chance: 100%
            Value: 1 ? 2
         Daily-limit: 10
    I am working on KillerMoney v4. I will make major recode and changes. Please fill...
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