KillerMoney 4.4.0

When a player kill an entity, this plugins let you charge/give money or even give any item or run a

  1. 1.14 support

    - 1.14 support
    - Fixed wither lang string

    Sorry for late, I am busy and I have lots of works. Thanks your patients.

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  2. 1.13 fixes

    • (Fixed) Message on player death
    • (Fixed) Config version
    • (Fixed) Magma cube and vindicator

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  3. 1.13 Support

    - 1.13 support

    Sorry for the late, I am super busy!
  4. Custom exp drops, minor new features and bug fixes

    • (Added) "DISABLED" option for Message-method in config
    • (Added) Custom-exp-drop in entities config
    • (Added) Player config file for future updates
    • (Added) /km enable-messages command
    • (Changed) New admin main command: /kmadmin or /kma, and command for players: /km
    • (Changed) Few string id in lang config (sorry)
    • (Changed) Hopper cannot pick up money item now
    • (Fixed) Division-method in player cash transfer section
    Thank you for the bug...
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  5. Money item bugfix

    • (Fixed) When killer left the server and any other player want pick up money item then the server drop null pointer exception
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  6. Bug fixes

    • (Fixed) Config loading when the server is not spigot-based
    • (Fixed) Player could change money item name
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  7. 1.12 support and bug fixes

    Sorry for the late release. Unfortunatly, I haven't enough time nowadays, but I develop KillerMoney, just be patient! :)

    • (Added) Minecraft 1.12 support (Added parrot and ACTION_BAR compatibility)
    • (Added) "Anyone-can-pick-it-up" option for money item drop in config
    • (Added) Built-in versioning system for better plugin update
    • (Added) Minimal API (WIP)
    • (Modified) Changed values in default config: "Disable-spawner-egg-farming: false" and "Allowed-gamemodes:...
  8. Update checker fix

    • (Fixed) Update checker
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  9. Run-method fix

    • (Fixed) Random-method in Command and Item section in entities.yml
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  10. Completely rewrote, action bar support and more

    Before you install this version remove your current /plugins/KillerMoney directory (make backup if you need restore). This is important step, because I changed the config files' structure.

    I completely rewrote this plugin. This is a beta build, so maybe there are some bugs. If you find bug, please report it on github issue tracker.

    - (Added) Action bar message method
    - (Added) Money reward, item drop...