killerPETS 2.2_1.8.3

Choose one of ten different baby pets that will follow you and fight for you

  1. GrandpaMizery
    Versions that are compatible with Minecraft 1.8.3 will have '1.8.3' appended to the end.
    Check version history for correct download
    This plugin allows a player to have any of 10 different baby pets. These pets will follow their owner and fight almost all non flying monster mobs. The pet is indestructible by all mobs and players, but can be killed by all other methods (ie drowning, suffocation, fall damage). The ten pets are
    • baby cow
    • baby pig
    • baby sheep
    • baby chicken
    • baby wolf
    • baby mushroom cow
    • baby ocelot: The player can choose any acelot color
    • baby zombie
    • baby pigman
    • baby rabbit: The player can choose any color rabbit including the wild version.
    • /pets: This is the only command required. The pets are created and destroyed through custom inventory GUIs
    • pets.*: Gives access to all the pets
    • pets.cow: Gives access to a baby cow
    • pets.pig; Gives access to a baby pig
    • pets.sheep: Gives access to a baby sheep
    • pets.chicken: Gives access to a baby chicken
    • pets.wolf: Gives access to a baby wolf
    • pets.mushroom: Gives access to a baby mushroom cow
    • pets.ocelot: Gives access to a baby ocelot
    • pets.zombie: Gives access to a baby zombie
    • pets.pigman: Gives access to a baby pigman
    • pets.rabbit: Gives access to a baby rabbit
    Features and issues:
    • Spawn eggs are used to pick which pet you would like to own. If you own a pet that egg will appear enchanted.
    • Pets can be named and color codes can be applied to the name by using the '&' in front of the available minecraft formatting codes.
    • If you have a pet, and open the pets GUI, you will be directed to a GUI to remove your current pet.
    • Pets are stored between log in sessions. The pet will be respawned when the player logs back in.
    • If your pet gets stuck and you get too far away from it the pet will teleport to your location.
    • The pet will teleport to you if you use a nether portal, die and respawn or use a command that tp's you to a new location in the same world.
    • If the server crashes and and a player is on with a pet. Then that pet will become a regular mob when the server restarts, and can be killed normally.
    • There is a few tick delay before the pet respawns. This allows time to ensure the chunk is loaded before the pet spawns.

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Recent Reviews

  1. nuggs13
    Version: 2.2_1.8.3
    Can you find away to bypass worldGuard flag (mob-spawning deny)
  2. soccerplayer
    Version: 2.1_1.8.3
    Decent but when I give permissions to one group to have a pet pig they can have all pets.
    1. GrandpaMizery
      Author's Response
      well let me look into that
  3. ThePestsKiller
    Version: 2.0
    You are stoling my job, IM THE PESTS KILLER SUPREME
  4. fire__rain
    Version: 2.0
    :) good
  5. Aoro
    Version: 1..3
    could there be an option so that animals only attack other players and also they can be killed by these players.
    I could really use a plugin like that if you could give that option in config
  6. Trenz001
    Version: 1.2
    Add critical chance for pets please :)
  7. Crapless
    Version: 1.2
    I think there should be more customization. The config file should be a bit more understandable (for those who are new to spigot). Lastly, a video could be awesome...
    1. GrandpaMizery
      Author's Response
      I appreciate any and all comments good and bad.
      I would however like to know what customizations you would like included?
      Again, thank you for your the review
  8. Anomaly
    Version: 1.2
    Great plugin and dev! keep up the good work!
  9. CubyMaster
    Version: 1.2
    Muy Bueno y Práctico
  10. Chrispitts11
    Version: 1.1
    This lite plugin is promising and fun to use. The good, the developer is willing to fix those bug(s).