KillPoint 1.0.0

Reward players with money for PvP and PvE.

  1. ChaddTheMan

    Welcome to KillPoint!

    KillPoint allows you to reward your players for PvP or PvE on your server. This plugin is currently in a heavy development stage and plans for it are huge, including much more customization, points, leaderboards, skills, and much much more.

    Plugin Features:

    • Award players a custom amount of money for killing a hostile mob.
    • Award players a custom amount of money for killing a peaceful mob.
    • Award players a custom amount of money for killing a player.

    Planned Features:

    • Penalties for killing certain mobs.
    • Leader boards for killing certain mobs.
    • Skill system.
    • Point system.
    • Many more are planned but are not listed.t are not listed.

    Getting Started:

    1. Check to ensure that you have the required plugins installed on your server before going onto the next step.
    2. Download the plugin from the download page.
    3. Drop it into the plugins folder.
    4. Reload or start the server.
    5. Edit the config to your liking.
    6. Reload or restart the server.

    Plugin Requirements:

    • This plugin requires Vault. Download and install it here.
    • This plugin also requires an economy plugin supported by Vault.
      • Essentials and iConomy are 2 of the most common economy plugins.

    Commands and Permissions:

    • /killpoint:
    • /killpoint help:
    • /killpoint changelog: KillPoint.changelog

    Editing The Config:
    Code (Text):
        Rewards: # Edit the amount of money that is given to players when they kill something.
            PlayerKill: 15.0
            HostileMobKill: 10.0
            PeacefulMobKill: 5.0
        Messages: # Edit the messages that are sent to the player when they kill something - Leave blank or '' for no message.
            PlayerKill: 'You were awarded {PLAYER_KILL} for killing a player!'
            HostileMobKill: 'You were awarded {HOSTILE_KILL} for killing a hostile mob!'
            PeacefulMobKill: 'You were awarded {PEACEFUL_KILL} for killing a peaceful mob!'
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  1. Phalenex
    Version: 1.0.0
    I like it a lot and it would be even greater if you can add after so many player kills they receive a bonus reward c: