King of the Ladder v1.7.5

A lightweight, quick and easy plugin that is perfect for any server.

  1. ExcelsiorVFX
    A lightweight, quick and easy plugin that is perfect for any server.
    By ExcelsiorVFX
    King of the Ladder: A simple yet fun minigame where two or more players try to stand on top of the ladder while punching others out of the way!

    - WorldEdit
    - ExcelsiorBaseAPI-LE:

    Commands: (Note: These commands must be executed by an OP)
    *- /kotl new <name> : Create a new arena.
    *- /kotl edit <name> : Edit an arena.
    *- /kotl set area : Set the "Area" of the arena to your WorldEdit selection. This determines the area where all players inside will be playing King of the Ladder. Any players who leaves this area will leave King of the Ladder.
    *- /kotl set plate : There needs to be a pressure plate on top of the ladder tower. This determines where that plate is.
    *- /kotl set king : Place down a player skull on this block and it will become your king player's head.
    *- /kotl set exit : When only one player is in the arena, if they reach the pressure plate, they will be teleported here.
    - /kotl messages : Changes a chat message.
    - /kotl delete <name> : Deletes arena <name>. !WARNING! This command is a little buggy. Use it at your own risk!
    - /kotl debug : For advanced users only. Removes the requirement of two players to be in the arena for one's score to increase.
    - /kotl list : Lists all active arenas.

    *Also, to have a king sign, make a sign that says:
    <arena name>

    * Commands / Actions denoted by an asterisk MUST be run in order for the arena to save properly!

    High score system:
    Any time a player reaches the top of the ladder, their high score increases. If you want to reset the high score of a player:
    1. Stop the server (not just reload).
    2. Go to plugins -> KingOfTheLadder -> HighScores.yml
    3. Edit the score from there.
    4. Start the server.
    (Note: The high scores are saved 1.7 style using UUIDs, not names)



    I hope you enjoy! Feel free to post on this thread about bugs or feature requests.

    Built for Spigot 1.8.3.

    - My server:
    - Elinecraft:

    - Italian showcase by @PappaProntaTeam:

    - Showcase by Turtle Turtorials: (He forgot to do /kotl set exit: That is a crucial step!)
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheMalasti
    Version: v1.7.5
    Good plugin but need update for 1.8+, there is issue with getting a point every 5 second and a lot of errors in console (tried on 1.12.x)
  2. Stjernebirk
    Version: v1.7.5
    Hi i Like this plugin is such awesome! but i'm asking HOW can we get Your name in joining ''Stjernebirk has joined the game'' i'm trying to use <player> and %player% but it doesnt work how can i fix this? what is the exact player name type? sry for dont beeing good in english
  3. RaceShafter
    Version: v1.7.5
    Good Plugin until the Server Restart. Every restart or stop and then restart my regions of KingOfTheLadder are removed.. This comes in the Console:
    [18:08:49][KingOfTheLadder] Enabling KingOfTheLadder v1.7

    [18:08:49][KingOfTheLadder]KING OF THE LADDER (Light Version) enabled!

    [18:08:49]There was a problem loading KOTL Arena KingOfTheLadder:Name can not be null

    [18:08:49][KingOfTheLadder]Loaded 0 arenas!

    Please answer and fix this bug ^^ Then I give 5 stars :D
  4. OpticNetwork
    Version: v1.7.5
    1. ExcelsiorVFX
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your great video! I'm not sure why your arenas will not save, so please check your console and see if there are any errors. If there are, let me know please! Hopefully I can help.
  5. malaeus
    Version: v1.7.5
    the required plugin somehow prevents pvp on spigot 1.8.7
    ive removed all plugins, and added one at a time back. and not until adding the excelsior base api do we lose PVP ability. nullifies the point of the game
    1. ExcelsiorVFX
      Author's Response
      I am sorry for this issue! I understand my plugin is a little bit outdated. I will update it soon and fix that problem!
  6. Compilable
    Version: v1.7.5
    Stolen from TheChunk Network.
    1. ExcelsiorVFX
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry, you are mistaken. The Chunk Network has a similar plugin to mine, but this is no copy. Take a closer look at this plugin! It is much more advanced. Then, please reconsider your review.
  7. Xando
    Version: v1.7.5
    1. ExcelsiorVFX
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your great review - please post any problems in the discussion section! I am not sure, but I think your problem might be coming from an outdated version of Spigot / plugins - make sure you have the latest version of everything.
  8. TRANTEGamerxx
    Version: v1.7.5
    add the scoreboard and vote map, shop vip
  9. fire__rain
    Version: v1.7
    good minigame!5 ★:)
  10. bjunited
    Version: v1.6
    I have both of the dependencies but the config doesnt generate and It says unknown command when doing ./kotl
    1. ExcelsiorVFX
      Author's Response
      Could you give me more information in the discussion section of this page? Like server version, console log, etc?