KingOf Drops | Mob Drops 2.0

A simple plugin. drops specify item when specify mobs killed | Canavarlardan item düşürme eklentisi.

  1. dimasaurio
    Version: 2.0
    Really nice plugin, exactly what I needed, simple and with active dev. Personally I use it for my mobs to drop papers that are used as "cards or shiny cards for other drop chance" I know that there's a plugin like that already but this one makes my items more costumizables.
    1. kingOf0
      Author's Response
      Really thanks for your reply. I know its over yeard but it made be super happy. Because this was my first plugin :D

      When I have time, I will update the plugin. It has really bad coding. (It wont damage server but, Im a perfection man so I am going to make it better :D )