KingOfRTP | RandomTP 1.0

Simple random teleport plugin for your survival | faction server

  1. kingOf0
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.13
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    EmirhanGur(Colorizing the messages), TheLuca98(ServerPackage (an enum that provides current nms package)), Conorlinfoot(some parts of Actionbarapi)
    Languages Supported:
    You can translate every message.
    Hello guys, im @kingOf0
    My friend wanted a random teleport plugin for his server and I writed one to him. I decided to upgrade this plugin and upload spigot.The plugin's aim is doing what it should do.

    No teleportation in water, lava or bellow ground
    Cooldown between using command again.
    Delay while teleporting.
    No data.yml or etc. Plugin uses metadata for cooldown. This means every cooldown will be deleted when server stops.
    Bypass cooldown with (kingofrtp.bypass.cooldown) permission

    /randomtp -| Teleports you random where
    /randomtp <name> -| Teleports a player random where. Requires permission "kingofrtp.teleport.other"
    /randomtp reload -| Reloads messages and some parts of config. Requires permission "kingofrtp.reload"
    /randomtp set location -| Sets the center of random where. Requires permission "kingofrtp.set"
    /randomtp set size <integer> -| Sets the maximum axis distance with center. Requires permission "kingofrtp.set"
    /randomtp set delay <integer> -| Sets the delay while teleporting. Requires permission "kingofrtp.set"
    /randomtp set cooldown <integer> -| Sets the time between using again teleport command. Requires permission "kingofrtp.set"
    /randomtp set checkymax <integer> -| Sets an special configuration for finding right place to teleport. This means the where plugin starts to check for finding ground. The wiki says the highest mountains are around 150. Requires permission "kingofrtp.set"
    /randomtp set checkymin <integer> -| Sets an special configuration for finding right place to teleport. This means the where plugin stops to check for finding ground. Requires permission "kingofrtp.set"

    The part of config that wont reload when randomtp reload.
    Code (Text):
    commandListener: true
    moveListener: true
    damageListener: true
    interactListener: true
    They are listener for cancelling teleportation. You can simply enable disable them. Note: The affect will apply when server reload.

    Supported Claim Plugins
    Currently no, but I think to add factions, factions forks, grief preventation.
    If people want other, I can add it.

    Currently you cant support me with money. And I dont want this, for now.
    You can support me with sharing plugin or making a good review.

    Issues, Suggestions, Contact
    The best way is to write me from discord. kingOf0!#4055
    Please dont post bugs, errors in review section. You can sumbit them from github.

Recent Reviews

  1. iEmirhan3553
    Version: 1.0
    It was a very nice plugin. I follow you, you do good things. I expect more creative things from you.
    1. kingOf0
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your reply. Actually I have a lot creative content but I dont have enough time to finish & publish them.