KInvBackup - easy inventory backup 1.2.3

A lightweight player inventory backup plugin for your server

  1. 1.12 fix

    Spigot changes one method, so I changed 2 lines of code to make the plugin work. Nothing else was changed.
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    In probably ALL versions of this plugin players had permission to use ALL commands! Sorry for this bug - I've tested the plugin only while being an OP, so I had no idea you can use these as a normal player. (And once again no one noticed it?...)
  3. Show and restore problem

    Probably fixed a bug in the /kinv show and /kinv restore commands (once again, no one noticed it? I found it by accident...)
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  4. EnchantsPlus support, some bug fixes and new date saving system

    • Added support for EnchantsPlus plugin and its custom enchantments
    • Fixed bug with loading backups while perWorldBackups are enabled (how the hell didn't I see it earlier?!)
    • Added new, more precise system of saving backup date

    No config changes in this update :)
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  5. Small 'spaced world name' update

    In the /kinv show command you can now type world names with spaces in them! All you have to do is type %s% or %S% instead of space. For example, to show my backuped items in world 'Survival Games' you have to type: /kinv show Kamilkime Survival%S%Games

    No config changes in this update :)
  6. 'excludeWorlds' update

    When player leaves one of the worlds you define in the excludeWorlds section his inventory will NOT be backuped :)

    *reupload of the update, in the last 1.1.5 update there COULD be a wrongly saved class in the plugin
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  7. TabCompleter and 'enchanted book fix'

    • Fixed bug with enchanted books not saving properly
    • Added TabCompleter to /kinv command
    • Updated GitHub src repo
    • Updated plugin page adding Polish aliases to commands so you don't get confused when you see them on your server (by using TabCompleter bacause it also shows Polish aliases) ;)

    Config didn't change this time :)
  8. Fast 1.1.2 bug fix

    Just one bug fix - in the previous update command sender was receiving a message about successful backup creation even if a backup was not created due to player having 'ignored' gamemode.

    + I've added a message about trying to backup inventory of a player with 'ignored' gamemode
  9. Gamemode ignore update

    Just a very small update - you can now ignore a player while backuping his inventory if he has a gamemode, which was set to be ignored in the config file. For examples: player has creative gamemode and you've set in the config file to ignoreCreative - player's inventory won't be backuped :)

    P.S. Saving inventory to MySQL database is a bit hard, so I'll have to try muuuch longer to make this eventually happen :/
  10. perWorldBackup added!

    • You can now save separate backups for all worlds
    • You can now backup player's inventory on world change

    @frizzbee30 I've made it! I somehow finished the plugin one day earlier :D