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  1. juaniezi
    • Best free plugin fot kit pvp server

    - Download this plugin
    - Stop server
    - Run server
    - Select map
    - Donate for more plugins: [email protected]
    - Ready!

    Commands and permissions list:
    arena select: /setareana

    - kitpvp.setarena

    Menu GUI for kits: /main
    - command.kit

    Kits: /kits
    - kit.jumper
    - kit.warrior
    - kit.creeper
    - kit.enderman
    - kit.fisherman
    - kit.slime
    - kit.spider
    - kit.pigman
    - kit.giant
    - kit.wizard
    - kit.healer
    - kit.snowman

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    Paypal: [email protected]
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cervinakuy
    Version: Best
    Errors and doesn't work. No support from Author, I tried downloading this plugin thinking it would work, but it doesn't. I do not recommend. Do not download.
  2. Slashay