KitAdder KitAdder V3

The plugin which makes adding kits easier.

  1. Ravada

    A while ago, a friend had a plugin idea. It was to make server owner's lives much easier. Here, I present KitAdder. KitAdder is a plugin designed to capture the owner or admin's inventory, and turn it into an Essential kit with the name of your choice. So far, everything works, apart from adding Fireworks and Books. They shall come soon.

    ==== Features ====

    * Create a kit with a name without touching the config.
    * Delete a kit without touching the config.
    * Rename a kit without touching the config.
    * Names, lores and enchantments.
    * Player heads compatible.
    * Leather item colors.
    * Splash potion support.

    ==== Permissions ====

    * ka.create - Used to create a kit.
    * ka.delete - Used to delete a kit.
    * ka.addto - Used to add the item you're holding to a kit.
    * ka.idadd - Used to add an item id to a kit.
    * ka.rename - Used to rename a kit.

    ==== Commands ====

    * /createkit <kitname> <cooldown> - Used to create a kit.
    * /deletekit <kitname> - Used to delete a kit.
    * /addtokit <kitname> - Used to add the item you're holding to a kit.
    * /idadd <item id> <quantity> - Used to add an item id to a kit.
    * /renamekit <oldkit name> <newkit name> - Used to rename a kit.
    * /kits - Used to list kits. This is a default Essentials command.

    ==== Requires ====

    * Essentials

    ==== Coming Soon ====

    * Support for fireworks.

    ==== Metrics ====

    * This plugin uses a Metrics service. Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

Recent Updates

  1. KitAdder
  2. KitAdder
  3. Updated to work with Minecraft 1.9

Recent Reviews

  1. ryanamorris21
    Version: KitAdder V3
    Overall this plugin is great and extremely useful it can just be confusing at times and it takes a little understanding to get used to. So the only issue i have found is if you are running EssentialsX on your server over essentials it will place the created kits in the config folder. Just simply copy and paste them into the kits.yml. Also when using this plugin on 1.15+ the kits may appear to not work claiming they were improperly defined. That's because in these versions MC removed Item IDs for all items. simply go to the kits.yml and switch them over. EX: for Iron Helmet it will put it in as 306:0 just change it to IRON_HELMET and you're all set.
  2. Jabvah
    Version: KitAdder V3
    Great plugin! For people who use ESENTIALS(x), this plugin adds kits to config.yml, because it's made for Essentials (the basic one), and you just have to move the kits from config.yml (they are at the bottom) and delete them from there, then put them in kits.yml . It's not so hard!
  3. Scholler
    Version: KitAdder V3
    Doesn't work for me. I made a kit, but with /kit (I use Essentials, but it doesn't even change the kits.yml) it says There are not kits, and when I write /createkit again, it says it already exist. Fix your plugin!
  4. candr
    Version: KitAdder V3
    Deleted half of my EssentialsX config + does not even work on potions. Very sad. :(
  5. CreeperCry04
    Version: KitAdder V3
    AMAZING! It's the best kit creating plugin out there! This is the second plugin I add to my servers, right after Essentials! One thing I would like though, is if there was some kind of online kit creator so you can basically create a kit and copy it into the config.yml, even though that would take more time, it would suit me better. Keep it up, CreeperCry04.
  6. lenr3101
    Version: KitAdder V3
    When i make a kit it says the kit dont exist and i cant delete the default kits!
  7. TheLucXas
    Version: KitAdder V3
    Muy bueno el plugin pero tiene un error, al agregar un item al kit se agrega doble por favor solucionen eso y doy 5 estrellas.
  8. cguillou
    Version: KitAdder V3
    Nice plugin, update please i like this plugin, nice, nice !!! I use in my server !
  9. Little_Potato_
    Version: KitAdder V3
    This plugin is amazing not only how simple, but it works with CratesPlus keys. FINALLY A KIT PLUGIN THAT WORKS!!! 5 stars amazin
  10. Mecha_YT
    Version: KitAdder V3
    esta bien el plugin pero tiene un error muy feo, al crear un kit con un encantamiento con mas de lo normal del minecraft vanilla, te baja todo al los encantamientos normales ejemplo filo 5, botin 3, cuanto yo pongo botin 5 me lo baja a tres y asi sucesivamente, deberian reparar eso
    1. Ravada
      Author's Response