KitAddOn for LibsHungergames 0.10a

More kits to LibsHungergames

  1. Add kit Gladiator

    • Added kit Gladiator (beta).
    • Added configurable invincibility to Hulk.
    • No need anymore to delete abilities.yml after updates.
    • Changed Champion icon to Guld Nugget
    Kit Gladiator:
    Challenge your opponents to The Shadow Game and fight them one on one. Once you right clicked your opponent with a iron fence, you are both teleported to a glass box up in the air. You have 30 sec to win, the winner gets the losers inventory and 5 sec invisibility. After the winner is teleported back to i origin location. Glass inside the box can not be broken, they will transform to bedrock before reverted.

    The kit Gladiator have been extensively tested but is still under a beta version. Please report any error (don't forgot stack traces)

    You'll still have to update the kit.yml att the moment. If you do not want to delete it, please add the following lines att the end of your kit.yml
    Code (Text):
        Description: 'Challenge your opponents to The Shadow Game and fight them one on one'
        Free: true
        Price: 0
        Icon: IRON_FENCE 0 1
          - 'IRON_FENCE 0 1 Name=The_Shadow_Game Unlootable 1'
          - Gladiator
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