KitDisplayer [Essentials Add-On] 1.7.x

A simple add-on to Essentials to display certain kits.

  1. AndreiTheGiant
    Kit Displayer

    Kit-Displayer is a simple, yet efficient Essentials add-on. Kits are simply displayed using a GUI interface and can be only accessible by signs. The kits are taken or gathered from your Essentials configuration and will not interfere with the command /kit or /kits. To find out how to use and install this plugin for your own Minecraft Bukkit server, follow the directions below.

    How to Install

    Kit-Displayer is a very simple plugin to install, just follow the directions below:

    - Download the resource (KitDisplayer)
    - Place the resource in your plugins folder
    - Reload/Restart your server
    - See if the command (/display) works. If it does that means
    you have successfully installed the plugin!

    Commands & Permissions

    Below are all the commands and permissions you will need to know:

    (/display): display.use

    Access to the display signs are given by default.

    How to Create Display Signs

    Creating display signs are simple! Creating them are the same way you would create Buy, Sell, Repair signs using the Essentials signs feature.

    Below is how you should format your sign:


    {kitname} is where you would type the name of the kit you want. Remember the kit must be correctly configured in your Essentials configuration!

    So hopefully you guys enjoy and use my plugin. Thank you very much if you download my resource. Also feel free to leave suggestions or if you want me to edit any messages to the plugin just for your server, just PM me. Thank you and have a great time!

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Recent Reviews

  1. VizionStudiosMc
    Version: 1.7.x
    Plugin dose not support the new 1.8 build yet.
  2. ProLegendary
    Version: 1.7.x
    Better than KitsPreview