KitPreview - Display and Buy Essentials kits in a GUI 5.3 R3

Preview Essentials or UltimateCore kits before your purchase or buy them instantly with Vault!

  1. Bug Fixes

    Hey so, some bugs and some stuff needed to be fixed sooo, all set :D

    • Resolved a horrid dupe bug, update to fix.
    • Made Glassless mode 100% better.

    Enjoy ;D
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  2. The Sadness Update

    Hey loves,

    I didn't think I needed to add this but I suppose I have to now. This update disables editing of kits if you are missing a compatible version of essentials. It also gives you a link as to where to find a compatible version of essentials. I am kinda sad that it's come to this, but I have had WAY to many people continue to ask me for support when their kits wont save due to them not reading the first line on my wiki.

    Anywho heres an update to fix that. Don't install if you already...
  3. The Most Requested Features

    Okay, I give in I'll spend the extra 15 minutes and make two versions of KitPreivew, but here's how its going to work. For now on the download link will bring you to my Wiki where there will be a link to download the plugin with or without the kits GUI and /kit override. I also have added a "glassless" mode because of how much you guys have requested it.

    I get a lot of complaints about KitPreview being "buggy/broken" and these complaints almost always have something to do with the wrong...
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  4. 1.12.1 Compatibility

    Hey guys I added compatibility for 1.12.1 enjoy <3
  5. Bug Fixes

    So I fixed some bugs for you guys, figured I would release them.

    • Delays would sometimes not work.
    • With "Kits-Free-With-Perms" set to false kits were not properly displaying as free.
    • The back button on the /kits screen is fixed.
    • The kitpreview.admin permission now works.
  6. /kits 1.7 Support

    Hey guys! Didn't add a whole lot to this build but i have made it so 1.7 can use the /kits gui as well as the kit editor.

    Enjoy <3
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  7. Arconix Patch

    Hey I'm just releasing a formal patch for this on KitPreview because the update system seems to be gross. There are a few changes to the settings menu but other then that the only real difference is arconix.
  8. Bug Fix

    Hey guys :3

    So this just fixes a bug that's been here for im not sure how long. its CRITICAL so update asap.

    Sorry D:
  9. Settings Update

    Hey guys!

    Not a very big update but I thought I would share it with KitPreview since its in EpicSpawners. If you do /kp settings, you can now edit all the settings in there rather then in the config. You don't need to download this update but it should make things easier <3

    All love <3
  10. 1.12 Compatibility

    Hey guys :D

    Here is full 1.12 compatibility along with some optimizations and fixes.