The all-in-one plugin featuring Custom Kits, Scoreboard, Levels, Kill Streaks, Abilities, & more.

  1. Cervinakuy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Are you looking for a KitPvP plugin that has many features along with great support? KitPvP has awesome features like Custom Kits, Custom Abilities, Kit Previewing, Kill Streaks, and much more, with no dependencies!

    There are frequent updates, and as I do with the my other resources, each update is thoroughly tested before being released. KitPvP is lightweight and easy to use on any server. There are also individual permissions for each kit so you can manage which players have access to which kits. All of these features completely free!


    KitPvP also has a Wiki page for those needing more in depth help, which can be found here.

    • Customizable NEW! Kit Cooldowns (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Kit Previewing (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Custom Kits (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Custom Abilities (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Signs (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Scoreboard (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Leveling System (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Per World Support (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Multi-Arena Support (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Kit GUI (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable BungeeCord Support (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable PlaceholderAPI Support (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Player Tracker (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Soups (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Animated Death Title (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Death Messages (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Arrow Hit Health Message (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Hit Sound (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Join Kit Item (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Join Leave Item (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Arrow Return (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Regainable Soups (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Skip Death Screen (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Kill Commands (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Death Commands (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Respawn Commands (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Level Up Commands (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Command Aliases (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Anti Item Break/Damage (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Anti Rain (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Anti Block Break (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Anti Hunger (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Anti Drop (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Messages (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Death Message (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable Death Sound (Enable/Disable)
    • Customizable 12 Pre-made Kits (Enable/Disable)

    • Ensure you are running Spigot, not Bukkit! (Bukkit is unsupported)
    • Download the KitPvP.jar
    • Place the KitPvP.jar in your plugins folder
    • Restart (must restart, do not reload)
    • Customize all messages and options in the config files
    • Leave a nice rating, like the resource page, and have fun!


    [English] Video Tutorial by @reedk106

    Outdated [English] Video Tutorial by @reedk106

    Outdated [English] Video Tutorial by @LtJim007

    Outdated [Japanese] Video Tutorial by @Sefyy

    Sign Formatting
    Kit Sign:
    KitName (must match casing exactly from kit file)





    PlaceholderAPI Expansion Placeholders
    %kitpvp_stats_kills% - The kills of a player
    %kitpvp_stats_deaths% - The deaths of a player
    %kitpvp_stats_kdr% - The kill : death ratio of a player
    %kitpvp_stats_level% - The level of a player
    %kitpvp_stats_experience% - The experience of a player
    %kitpvp_player_killstreak% - The player's current kill streak
    %kitpvp_player_kit% - The player's current kit

    If you have any issues with KitPvP, please visit the Wiki page before contacting me or leaving a bad review. This could potentially save both you and me a lot of time. Alternatively, you can use the Discussion tab to receive help from either me, or other people in the community.

    Lastly, the lists of both 1.8 sounds and 1.9+ sounds are available for customization of the sounds in the plugin.

    If the above does not fix your problem and you believe your issue is of great importance, private message me with your problem. I am always open and happy to help :)


    • /kp View information regarding KitPvP
    • /kp help Displays the help message
    • /kp reload Reloads the configuration
    • /kp addspawn Creates a new Arena in your current world
    • /kp delspawn Deletes the Arena in your current world
    • /kp spawn Teleports you to the spawn
    • /kp spawn [arena] Teleports you to a spawn of a specific arena
    • /kp create [kitname] Creates a kit based on inventory and potions
    • /kp delete [kitname] Deletes a kit
    • /kp kits Lists all the available kits
    • /kp kit [kitname] Select your kit
    • /kp clear Clears your current kit
    • /kp menu Displays the kits menu
    • /spawn Command alias for /kp spawn (if enabled from config)
    • /kits Command alias for /kp kits (if enabled from config)
    • /kit [kitname] Command alias for /kp kit [kitname] (if enabled from config)
    • /stats Command alias for /kp stats (if enabled from config)

    • /kp kit Fighter The Fighter Kit
    • /kp kit Archer The Archer Kit
    • /kp kit Soldier The Soldier Kit
    • /kp kit Tank The Tank Kit
    • /kp kit Bomber The Bomber Kit
    • /kp kit Kangaroo The Kangaroo Kit
    • /kp kit Warper The Warper Kit
    • /kp kit Witch The Witch Kit
    • /kp kit Ninja The Ninja Kit
    • /kp kit Thunderbolt The Thunderbolt Kit
    • /kp kit Vampire The Vampire Kit
    • /kp kit Rhino The Rhino Kit
    • /kp kit Trickster The Trickster Kit
    • /kp kit name Any custom kit you create

    • kp.command.reload Give access to /kp reload
    • kp.command.addspawn Gives access to /kp addspawn
    • kp.command.delspawn Gives access to /kp delspawn
    • kp.command.spawn Gives access to /kp spawn
    • kp.command.clear Gives access to /kp clear
    • kp.command.clear.other Gives access to /kp clear [player]
    • kp.command.stats Gives access to /kp stats
    • Gives access to /kp menu
    • kp.command.kit Gives access to /kp kit [kit name]
    • kp.command.kit.other Gives access to /kp kit [kit name] [player]
    • kp.command.create Gives access to /kp create [kit name]
    • kp.command.delete Gives access to /kp delete [kit name]
    • kp.command.kits Gives access to /kp kits
    • kp.command.preview Gives access to /kp preview [kit name]
    • kp.kit.fighter Gives access to the Fighter Kit
    • kp.kit.archer Gives access to the Archer Kit
    • kp.kit.tank Gives access to the Tank Kit
    • kp.kit.soldier Gives access to the Soldier Kit
    • kp.kit.bomber Gives access to the Bomber Kit
    • kp.kit.kangaroo Gives access to the Kangaroo Kit
    • kp.kit.warper Gives access to the Warper Kit
    • kp.kit.witch Gives access to the Witch Kit
    • Gives access to the Ninja Kit
    • kp.kit.thunderbolt Gives access to the Thunderbolt Kit
    • kp.kit.vampire Gives access to the Vampire Kit
    • kp.kit.rhino Gives access to the Rhino Kit
    • kp.kit.trickster Gives access to the Trickster Kit
    • kp.kit.<custom kit name here> Gives access to a custom kit
    • kp.ability.fighter Gives access to Fighter's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.archer Gives access to Archer's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.tank Gives access to Tank's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.soldier Gives access to Soldier's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.bomber Gives access to Bomber's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.kangaroo Gives access to Kangaroo's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.warper Gives access to Warper's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.witch Gives access to Witch's Kit Ability
    • Gives access to Ninja's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.thunderbolt Gives access to Thunderbolt's Kit Abililty
    • kp.ability.rhino Gives access to the Rhino's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.vampire Gives access to the Vampire's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.trickster Gives access to the Trickster's Kit Ability
    • kp.ability.<custom kit name here> Give access to custom kit ability
    • kp.arena.blockbreaking Allows players with this permission to break blocks
    • kp.arena.blockplacing Allows players with this permission to place blocks
    • kp.arena.itemdropping Allows players with this permission to drop items
    • kp.playertracker Allows players to use the Player Tracker
    • kp.soupreturn Gives the player a soup when they kill another player
    • kp.arrowmessage Displays the health of your opponent if shot is successful
    • kp.arrowreturn Gives an arrow back to the shooter if shot was successful and hit a player
    • kp.cooldownbypass Players with this permission bypass any kit cooldown
    • kp.levelbypass.<level> Players with this permission bypass up to a certain kit level


    By downloading this resource or plugin, you automatically agree to the following conditions:
    • No distribution or sharing of the unmodified or modified source code on this site or any other
    • No hiding or removing any credit to the original author whether via plugin.yml or any built-in commands
    • No unauthorized paid or commissioned services to create modifications of this plugin or claim this plugin as one’s own
    If you are found to be in violation of any of the above terms, proper action will be taken. Please private message the author for any necessary clarifications if at all necessary before jeopardizing yourself or others.


    Please leave a message on the Discussion page or private message me if you have an issue before leaving a bad review. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Brasil150200
    Version: 2.1.5
    This certainly is one of the best KIT-PVP plugins that have ever been made, very good and easy to configure. The owner is very attentive and listens to comments unlike others who abandon their plugins. : D

    Tip: Could you add Sign of teleport to the arena in the next update? I would appreciate it.
  2. HuangJin
    Version: 2.1.4
    Great plugin
  3. w4v3s
    Version: 2.1.4
    plugin actually blocking all tnt placements, explosions and damage (in "bomber" kit too)
  4. TechyGaming
    Version: 2.1.4
    Great plugin, Very customizable and full of features. Only thing I would like to see implemented is a sign to show the top killers
  5. BakedSinger
    Version: 2.1.4
    ITS VERY GOOD, but i can't give other players permissions to use a kit on my server... it would be very great if you respond and help me out, cuz this plugin is very good :)
  6. Maxbakker
    Version: 2.1.4
    Extremely nice plugin, could you please add perks? Would be insane if possible! 5 stars
  7. DoubleGapples
    Version: 2.1.4
    Incredible plugin, and fabulous support. The amount of time & effort he spends helping his users is what makes this guy really one of a kind. The plugin itself is absolutely mind-blowing and is jam-packed with tons of functionality that are critical to running a good server. All in all, my experience with this plugin and the developer have been marvelous.
    1. Cervinakuy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the super nice review :)
  8. ItsFoxyBoi
    Version: 2.1.4
    i really like this plugin! It has everything that I would like! The only problem is is that my server that I am trying to add it to also has survival, so whenever people join the PvP arena, they lose all of their stuff. May I please get an answer on how to fix this, thank you :)
  9. diamondman919
    Version: 2.1.3
    Great plugin, I contacted the developer and helped me resolve my problems without further issues
    1. Cervinakuy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review :)
  10. DukeOfDerp77
    Version: 2.1.3
    This plugin is amazing and a must have for kit pvp servers. The support is amazing as well. The developer fixed my bug and sent me a fixed version within minutes! I recommend this plugin for every kit pvp server.
    1. Cervinakuy
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your kind review!