KitPVP >>31 Kits More To Come<< 1.8.8 Verision

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  1. Irania
    I'm not the orginal author of this plugin the orginal plugin comes from curse.

    I just updated it and translated it to English (The orginal was in Spanish)

    Q: Why did you update it?

    A: Cause I needed a kitpvp plugin for my server (
    so I searched on google and found fKits and then I was "sad that it was outdated. I know I could code (Basic) so I felt for updating it and wanted to share it to the community ;)




    Feel free to comment you server below if you use this plugin ;)

    Total of 31 kits!

    Plugins "Required":
    PvPSoup(Or any other pvp soup plugin):

    Basic Kit Items
    1 Diamond Sword (Sharpness 1)
    Custom Kit Item
    Full Iron Armor Set
    A lot of soups ^^

    UpComing Update (Features)

    ✶Requested features
    ✶More kits

    Want any other plugin modified? Comment bellow ^^
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Recent Updates

  1. >>>Updated and Error Fixed<<<
  2. 1.8.8 Verision
  3. First update :)

Recent Reviews

  1. iDaarkftw_
    Version: 1.8.8 Verision
    Please, PlaceholderAPI Support! [...........]~Good Plugin~[.........................]
  2. jettoliver
    Version: 1.8.8 Verision
    Plugin doesnt work. Upon installing, when I type /kit ingame all I see is /kit [kit] [player]. I then type /kit Stomper JETTOLIVER and /kit [kit] [player] just displays in chat again
  3. GreekTech
    Version: 1.8.8 Verision
    Can i have the source code also add prommesions cost to buy kits and more kits with other like nyan cat you will get a sugar you right click it and get like speed 2 and jump boost 3 and you will have a rainbow particle i want that for my donators :)
    1. Irania
      Author's Response
      You can give Donors diffrent perm and with another plugin chest command I think you can make a gui to buy Permissions.
      If you know how to code you could send me in the code and I can add it.
      But does the plugin ever work? Cause someone told me that It didn't thanks for the review tho :D
  4. i998979
    Version: 1.8+
    spigot 1.8.8 doesnt work
    this is a great plugin so please update it
    1. Irania
      Author's Response
      I would prefer to wait til 1.9 but okey I will update it tomorrow or today or this week at least thanks! :D