KitPvP Beta 1.0

KitPvP 1.0 Beta

  1. JoKillerPT
    - Download this plugin
    - Stop server
    - Run server
    - Select map
    - Ready!

    coming soon

    Permissions list:

    Menu GUI for kits:
    - kitpvp.openkitselector

    Kits permissions:
    - kit.stomper
    - kit.camel
    - kit.endermage
    - kit.viper
    - kit.fireman
    - kit.pvp

    - kit.archer


    • use only a server without other plugins add things to the inventory because it clears the inventory and add kitselector
    • heal soup
    • players death no drops items

    new kits and config to create kits coming soon as the plugin is it in beta

    If they can mess your server to see my plugin working

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    Paypal: [email protected]

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